Our Fall Family Fun: 2020 Style

2020 has been a different and stressful year in so many ways. Many events canceled or switched to Zoom and other digital platforms. However, there are still many blessings and good times. I am sure that 2020 will stand out in my children’s minds. However, I hope that above, or at least beside, the memories of a pandemic and political tension they remember the fun family memories. Some of our family traditions we have kept and others we had to modify. We went through some challenging times, but the slow down also gave us more time to relax and enjoy time at home as a family.

This fall some things have begun going back to normal, while others remain different or closed. However, we have tried to stay engaged with making memories as a family. Our state fair was canceled which was a big disappointment to the whole family. We normally go for at least one and often several days each year to show animals, do living history, and check out all of the fun exhibits and food. However, we were very thankful the children were able to go up to the fairgrounds and show their turkeys. Afterwards, we were blessed to be able to enjoy some take out fair food! I had my favorite roasted corn, a chicken kabob, and funnel cake. My son even got to try a gator kabob.

We were also able to take some fun family hikes, drink plenty of hot apple cider, and try out lots of apple recipes after we purchased 2 bushels of fresh apples from a North Carolina farm. We even had the chance to make some new memories by going to a local pumpkin patch with some good friends.

Even if it is as simple as roasting marshmallows in the back yard (or making oven s’mores) or drinking hot apple cider while listening to music or reading books, take the time this fall to make some fun memories. These memories can help our children learn that we can have fun even in the midst of challenging times. While they may prayerfully never deal with another pandemic, there will always be hard times and challenges. I hope we can help them learn how to handle challenges with grace and perseverance.

What fun activities are your doing with your family this fall? How does it look different than normal?

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