The Crafty Classroom Tracing Bundle (Review)

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

When I decided to review the Tracing Bundle from The Crafty Classroom, I had my six-year-old son in mind. We were finishing up the letter portion of a phonics program and I knew I could easily incorporate some of the Tracing Bundle with that program. However, I soon realized that I could also use it with my three-year-old.

Product Description

The Tracing Bundle includes almost 300 pages of tracing sheets that also review various other skills. There are beginner pages that are just tracing different lines and pictures. For more developed students there are also pages that practice tracing numbers, letters, shapes, and even words. They even included some fun holiday tracing sheets.

In addition to the tracing sheets, there is an editable name tracing pack. This pack allows you to go in and input your child’s first, middle, and last name and then it creates a variety of pages using the child’s name. My son already knew how to write his first name, but this was great practice for learning his middle and last name.

Our Family’s Experience

I started out just printing one or two sheets each day for my six-year-old. I would choose sheets that went along with the letter he was learning or something I thought he might be interested in learning. The letter sheets were a great way to reinforce the letters from phonics and work on his handwriting skills.

However, my younger son (who turned three during the review period) thought the sheets looked like fun and started asking me for his own ‘school sheets’. I was able to print out some of the basic lines and curves for him to work on. This was a great way to help him work on fine motor skills while also keeping him occupied during my instruction with the six-year-old.

We even tried these on a road trip, I printed out a variety of pages from this pack for both of the boys to work on in the car. I think it was a great way for them to get a little work done, stay engaged, and not be too dependent on the extra screen time in the car. In addition to the tracing, some of the pages have coloring and even connect the dots to add a little extra challenge.


Overall, I thought that this pack was a great resource for working on fine motor skills, handwriting, letters, numbers, and shapes. I loved that there was a huge variety and that it was print and go and required very little prep on my part. It is a great supplement for preschool through early elementary ages or for older students that need more practice with fine motor skills and handwriting.

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