Leapfrog Academy Review

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

I received a subscription to LeapFrog Academy® by LeapFrog® to review with my six-year old son. I also used the program some with my three-year-old when we could work together. Leap Frog Academy has lessons that would take my six-year-old systematically through math, reading, science, problem solving skills, and more.  They even include music and art to encourage creativity.

Leap Frog

In addition to the systematic lessons, he could choose games to play for various skills and books to read.  While the lessons needed Wi-Fi, we were able to choose games and books to be downloaded so that he could play them without Wi-Fi. We were traveling during part of this review period and appreciated him being able to continue to reinforce those skills while we were on the road and did not have Wi-Fi access.  It was also a great way to keep him from being bored while we were riding, I felt like it was a great use of that time that otherwise might become challenging.

While I set aside each day to work one-on-one with my son, I also need him to be able to do some of his work independently while I help his older brother and sister or entertain the toddler. This program was great because once I got him set up, he could do it independently.

There is a parent dashboard where I could track his progress on lessons and games, see how many activities he completed in a particular week, and even see what skills he was working on during his time.  The reports were easy to find and read and made it easy for me to track his progress. The parent dashboard would also allow me to choose different paths for him if I wanted him to work on a different set of lessons.

We try to limit screen time, especially for my three-year-old. However, I decided to try a few of the preschool games with him. He enjoyed games that reinforced colors and numbers. I sat with him and he would show me which answers to choose. There are a large variety of games at various levels to allow students to choose different games and to keep progressing in the level of difficulty.  I did not have him complete a lesson path, but simply chose a few fun games for him to work on with me.

Overall, we enjoyed this subscription to LeapFrog Academy® . Both of my sons liked the activities, it was easy to use, and taught or reinforced a wide variety of skills. I wish that the lessons could be done without Wi-Fi, but appreciate that they can at least play some of the games and read the books without Wi-Fi.  If you have preschool or early elementary students, I recommend you check out the LeapFrog Academy® subscription. Also, be sure to click on the graphic below to see what other members of the Review Crew thought and how they used it in their families.

LeapFrog Academy® One Year Subscription {LeapFrog® Reviews}

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