Volcanic Panic Reading Success Online (Review)

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

We have had the privilege of reviewing Volcanic Panic Reading Success Online from EdAlive over the last few weeks. My seven-year-old has struggled with reading and I am always looking for fun ways to encourage him to work on his reading skills.


Volcanic Panic Reading Success Online is an online game that works on reading and spelling skills. It was easy to get him set up and started on the game. When we started the game he could choose to play against another player or play against the computer.

The game had a die that was spinning and you clicked on it to determine the number of spaces that you moved. Then it would ask the student a question.

One of the first things that I noticed as he started playing was that he could click a button that said the question was too hard. This helped the computer to tailor questions to his level. The computer also read the questions aloud which was really helpful in allowing him to play independently. Too often I have seen him get messed up when he had to read the instructions because he did not fully understand the instructions.

We had him play against the computer since he was the only student. We were able to choose the number of players and turns.

There were different styles of questions. For some questions they would drag letters to boxes to spell the words. There were letters for him to choose from and then blanks to show them how many letters are in the word.

Other questions had the student finding the correct word to fit into a sentence. The computer would read the sentence and then the student had to choose from several words in the word bank.  Other times they would give you two sentences, with one word being different, and you had to choose the right one.

Another type of question had them choose a word that best described the picture. For example, it showed a small rat and asked which word described the rat. It gave choices like big and small.

Overall, we found this to be a great way to keep my son working on reading during the summer months. He felt like it was a fun game and would ask to play. I do not think that this game replaces reading instruction, but it does support the instruction and I think it helped reinforce the new skills he has been learning in his regular reading curriculum.

I would recommend Volcanic Panic Reading Success Online for students that need extra support in reading or as a summer enrichment activity for any beginning reader. It would be a great way to help prevent that dreaded ‘summer slide.’

You can go to EdAlive to find out more about Volcanic Panic Reading Success Online and also to find out about their other games. Some of our Review Crew also reviewed Baggin’ the Dragon Maths Online and Words Rock Online. Be sure to click on the graphic below to read more reviews and see what Crew Members thought about the different games.

Online Math, Reading, and Language Arts with EdAlive

One thought on “Volcanic Panic Reading Success Online (Review)

  1. We’re happy to hear that you have enjoyed using Volcanic Panic Reading Success Online so much!

    I absolutely agree that having some summer enrichment activities help with that ‘summer slide’ and we’re glad that this can fill that niche for you. If you want it to be more exiting, I recommend looking at the Explorer cards he earns. You can print them off as colouring pages which can always be a fun activity. 🙂

    I hope you and your son enjoy the rest of your subscription. Thank you for your review 🙂


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