Reading Eggs and Math Seeds Review

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Reading Eggs

Over the last month, my seven-year-old has been using Reading Eggs and Math Seeds. Created by Reading Eggs, we have been enjoying reviewing both of these online programs. He would focus more on Reading Eggs because reading is an area we are working to improve.

Reading Egg Components

  • Reading Eggs Jr. (Ages 2-4)
  • Reading Eggs (Ages 3-7)
  • Fast Phonics (Ages 5-10)
  • Reading Eggspress (Ages 7-13)
  • Math Seeds (Ages 3-9)

Reading Eggs and Math Seeds

The basic setup for both Reading Eggs and Math Seeds is the same. The students take a placement test which puts them at the appropriate skill level. Next, the program begins working them systematically through the lessons for reading or math. Each lesson is a series of activities that work on strengthening the skill that is focused on in that lesson. There are maps to show the progress from lesson to lesson.

Students can earn ‘eggs’ for completing tasks in the reading program and acorns in Math Seeds. In addition to the lessons, there are games and activities that the students can do when they have earned eggs or acorns. They can also use the eggs earned to purchase virtual things like extras for their avatars and virtual world.

Our Experience with Reading Eggs and Math Seeds

My son loved both the activities and the games. It always surprises me how motivated he is to earn the extra eggs. He would frequently ask to do the programs even when I did not require them. I appreciated that he was getting extra practice during his free time.

You can see how they are progressing from the parent portal, see what skills they have mastered, have them retake the placement test, and more. It makes it very easy to see and understand their progress.

When my son took the placement test, I was unsure if he didn’t understand the questions or didn’t do his best. I do not feel like it was a good reflection of what he knew, but the lessons he did were a great review, and he was able to move through them quickly until he got to a level that was more reflective of what he knew.

He did a much better job with the math placement test, and I found it was a great supplement to what he was learning in his math curriculum.

Reading Eggs Jr.

My three-year-old had the opportunity to try out Reading Eggs Jr., and he loved it! With-in that section contained books that he could look at as it read to him. There were also a wide variety of short (1-2 minute) videos that taught various skills and information. Finally, there were activities and games that he could play to help him work on learning letters, numbers, colors, and even handwriting.

I appreciated the wide variety found in the videos. There were hundreds of short videos, and my son enjoyed watching them. There was a series with a video for each letter to help him begin to learn his letters. A series with different science and craft projects that he could watch and we could recreate at home. There were videos about emergency vehicles, trucks, and big machines. Several series were on different animals. There was just such a large amount of educational content, but all done in concise videos that are great for younger children.

Reading Eggspress

Reading Eggspress was too challenging for my children at this time, but it contains excellent resources for working on reading comprehension. It is helpful for a child that can read but wants to increase fluency or comprehension. There is a placement test and lessons for that program as well. In addition, there is a library of digital books and quizzes that students can use.

Fast Phonics

Fast Phonics is a program that helps students work specifically on letter sounds and phonics. It includes videos and activities as well as memory aids to help students learn phonics quickly and systematically. In this section, students can collect virtual gems.

Overall Thoughts

We feel like Reading Eggs and Math Seeds are great for reinforcing the skills we are learning in our homeschool. It also does some teaching and often introduces new skills. The programs make students want to work hard and keep progressing through the lessons. I highly recommend it as a supplement for any elementary-age student that needs a little more practice in reading or math. It is also a great way to challenge a student who is doing well to move forward at their own pace.

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Learn to Read with Reading Eggs

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