Veterans Day Ideas for Homeschool Families

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It feels like just yesterday we were getting excited about October. Celebrating fall, pumpkins, and hot apple cider. Suddenly, the end of October is here, and November begins on Monday. Time seems to always be moving quickly, and this time of the year makes that very apparent with various holidays and obligations.

As we move into November, I want to take a few minutes to talk about a holiday that is too often overlooked: Veterans Day. Every year, our country honors all of the brave men and women who fought for our country on November 11th.

Veterans Day Parade 2019

Service Projects and Community Events

Many communities host events in honor of Veterans Day. There are parades, ceremonies, dinners, and other celebrations to honor those who served. Getting out into the community for these events is a great way to help children understand who we are celebrating and honor those in your community. Helping with those events can also be a great way to serve those veterans. For example, you might help set up for a ceremony or cook for dinner. Our family has participated in Veterans Day parades in the past.

In addition to those community events, you can find ways to serve veterans in your church, community, or family. You could help host a dinner at your church for those in the congregation who are veterans. You might have the children bake a special treat to deliver to Veterans, send cards to those who served or even do artwork to thank them for their service.

Books and Movies to Celebrate Veterans Day

Books and movies can be a great way to help children understand the jobs and sacrifices of our veterans. They give us a chance to view things through a different lens and gain insight into events that may seem difficult to understand. However, there are many great examples. Of course, our favorite book is Heroes Next Door: Hornet 24, which gives a wonderful example of a Vietnam veteran.

We have to be careful that language or depiction of violence in some movies and books are not too much for our children. Some excellent documentaries are too graphic for younger viewers.

Art and Music Ideas for Veteran’s Day

You can incorporate patriotic art into your Veterans Day celebrations, whether just for the experience or even to give as a gift to say thank you to a veteran. You can check out my guest post, The Art of Patriotism, at You Are An Artist for more specific art ideas for Veterans Day and other patriotic holidays.

Veterans Day Homeschool Art Project

There are many patriotic songs that you can study and enjoy in celebration of Veterans Day.We love both patriotic hymns and music by John Phillips Sousa.

Music Resources

Hymn Study: America the Beautiful

Hymn Study: My Country Tis of Thee

John Phillips Sousa (Included with Prime Music)

Other Resources and Thanks

I want to take a minute to thank all those veterans or the family of veterans who are reading. For those who fought in Vietnam, we say Welcome Home! Our family appreciates your sacrifice and bravery.

Field Trip to a Local Military Museum

If you want more ideas, check out your local history sites for ways to learn about the wars our country has fought and the veterans of those wars. You can also find more ideas in this Flag Day Resources post.

No matter how you choose to celebrate Veterans Day this year, I hope you take the time to teach your children about the importance of the day and say thank you to the veterans in your life.

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