I Know It! Math Practice Review

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

We have had the opportunity to look over and review the I Know It math practice website over the last several weeks. I was somewhat familiar with the program from having used it several years ago with my older children. During this round, I wanted to check it out from the perspective of my second grader.

I Know It

What is I Know It?

I Know It is an online subscription-based math review program. It is designed to help students work on and improve math skills that they have already been taught. You can set up accounts for multiple students from your household and assign each of them their topics and skills to complete. They can also work on skills that they pick.

The program is broken down first into grade levels from kindergarten to fifth grade. Then each grade level is broken down into various mathematical sections, such as geometry, measurement, fractions, etc. This makes it simple to tailor it to the needs of the student. Each practice assignment is fifteen questions. Fifteen is enough not to be moving too fast, but not so many as to get boring or take an exceptionally long time.

I Know It Math

Hints and Solutions

I always like to see what happens when a student answers questions correctly and incorrectly. I know It gives them positive reinforcement when they answer correctly, saying things like “fantastic” or “let’s make it three in a row.” There is also a robot that dances and makes funny moves.  When a student answers incorrectly, it says, “sorry, you are incorrect.” It also gives the correct answer and an explanation. I appreciate that it explains the incorrect answers to help students understand what they did wrong.

There are also hints available, so if a child does not understand the problem, they can ask for a hint before answering. I like how it levels the help and encourages a child to be successful. Additionally, there is a sound button that you can press for the computer to read each question aloud. Reading the question aloud is very helpful for allowing younger children to be more independent and making sure struggling readers do not miss math problems because of their reading challenges.


The robot graphics are colorful and fun. I think they would be engaging for many students. The robot dances, grows flowers out of his head, and other funny moves when a student answers correctly. He looks sad when the answer is incorrect. I think it is a fun addition to the math practice but not so much that it is distracting.


Overall, I think I Know It is a good math review program. It does not stand alone as a curriculum but offers an excellent tool for helping students practice math skills. I appreciate that instead of going through all of the skills, I could pick and choose the skills that my student needed. I also like the reports and data that helped me track how they were doing without being with them while they worked.

I encourage you to click on the graphic below and see how other Review Crew families used I Know It in their homeschools.

Engaging Online Interactive Math Practice with I Know It

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