CTC Math (Review)

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.


Last year my daughter had the opportunity to try Algebra I with CTCMath. This summer, I had another chance to review the 12 month family membership and decided to take a look at the younger grades. My eight-year-old had just finished second grade, and I had him do some lessons as a review over the summer.

Since it was summer and review lessons, he did not complete a lesson every day, but as we had time, he would sit down and complete a lesson or two.

CTC Math Format

Each lesson included video instruction and digital questions. The videos were short (three to six minutes), and it only took him about fifteen or twenty minutes to complete a lesson. There was also a parent lesson reference sheet for each lesson that gave completed examples of the problems included in the lesson. This would be a great resource for a parent that needed to provide a little extra help to a student.

There are also diagnostic tests for each area. These allow you to pre-test students to see what they already know and what areas they need to practice.

From the parent dashboard, I could have assigned him specific lessons to complete. However, I chose to just let him begin at the first lesson and work his way through. This made it very open and go from a parent’s perspective.

What We Thought

My son said, ” I liked that they gave a video of what you were doing before you answered the questions.”

While we did the second-grade course, CTCMath starts in kindergarten and goes through high school level math. This makes it ideal for families that want to use the same program all the way through or for all the children in your family.

The parent dashboard would make it very easy to keep track of multiple students’ progress and gives you the flexibility of going straight through the course or assigning only certain lessons.


Overall, while I wish there was a little more feedback on incorrect responses and more review woven into the daily lessons, we liked this math program. When we used it with my daughter, we used it as a complete math program. This time I used it as a supplement and found that it works well either way. It is complete enough to be a stand-alone math program, but with the flexibility to choose your own lessons, it can also be a great supplement.

I encourage you to check it out at CTCMath or check out their homeschool discount and also to click on the link below to see what other Crew Members thought about the levels they reviewed.

Online Homeschool Math with CTCMath

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