Otter B Free Book Review

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

We recently had the opportunity to review Otter B Free, a fun children’s book that Pamela Kennedy and Anne Kennedy Brady wrote. Aaron Zenz Illustrated Otter B, and it was published by Focus on the Family.

My boys love getting mail (really, we all do), and book mail is our favorite. So, they were excited to open up the package with this new book. It is a sturdy hardcover book with bright and colorful illustrations. They loved the word art and the fun picture of an otter on the front cover.

What is Otter B Free?

Otter B Free is relatively short, with just over 20 pages. Each page has full cover illustrations and a small amount of text. This could be read independently by third or fourth-graders but is an excellent read-aloud for pre-k and elementary school students.

This is one book in a series of books that feature Otter B! In this book, the main character, Otter B, really wants to win a trophy at the Fourth of July field day. However, he knew it was going to be hard to beat Felicia. He and his friends devise a plan to win the trophy, but then Felicia gets hurt. Otter’s dad talks to him about the freedom to help others and true freedom in Christ. Then Otter and his friends have to decide what to do about winning the trophy.

How Did We Use It?

I chose to read it aloud to both my eight-year-old and my four-year-old. They both enjoyed the story and the pictures. I loved that it taught a powerful and biblical message about freedom and the responsibilities of biblical freedom from Galatians 5:13.

What Did We Think?

My boys enjoyed this book so much that they had me add the other ones in the series to their Christmas wish lists. I encourage you to check out Otter B Free and click on the graphic below to see what other Review Crew members thought about this book. 

Character Traits

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