Quest for the King’s Crown

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

When my teenagers (now 16 and 14) were younger, they enjoyed the Last Chance Detective radio dramas. We would listen online and also have them on CD. They moved on to other series as the years passed, and I had not thought about introducing them to my now eight-year-old son. However, we were recently given the opportunity to read one of the new books in the series from Focus on the Family and Tyndale House, Quest for the King’s Crown. I remembered how well we had enjoyed them and was excited to introduce them to my younger son.

What is Quest for the King’s Crown

Quest for the King’s Crown is the seventh book in the updated and re-released Last Chance Detectives Series. This series follows a group of friends, known as the last Chance Detectives, who solve mysteries. They have an awesome clubhouse (you will have to read to find out more) and get together looking for puzzles to solve. In addition to a fun mystery, the stories always teach moral lessons without feeling ‘preachy.’

These chapter books are recommended for ages eight to twelve, which is a reasonably accurate range for independent reading. However, younger children could enjoy them as a read-aloud, and my teens also enjoyed listening. This paperback edition was about 160 pages long, with a colorful cover.

My husband reading while we were camping.

How Did We Use this Book?

I was a little concerned about jumping in with the seventh book, but we did not feel like starting in the middle of the series was a problem. (However, my natural preference for reading books in order means I will probably go back and start at book one next.)

Since my teens remembered the series with such fondness and the book was a bit above the reading level of my younger son, I decided to use it as a family read-aloud. We gathered in the living room over several nights and even brought it with us on a family camping trip.

What Did We Think?

All in all, it was an excellent fit for us as a family read-aloud. My youngest did fall asleep, but he is only four and listened intently until he fell asleep. A few moments of peril had my son a little worried, but he wanted to continue reading. So if you have a very sensitive reader, be aware that they are put into potentially scary or perilous situations, but everything works out in the end.

We enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more in the series; I even added the others to my son’s Christmas wish list. If you want a good clean mystery series promoting positive Christian values, I recommend the Quest for the King’s Crown and the rest of the Last Chance Detectives series.

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