14:6 The Way Scripture Memory Review

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Like most of the reviews you see here, I planned to use 14:6 – The Way by Scripture Memory Fellowship with my children. However, life and God had other plans, and I ended up using it for myself. Around the time that it arrived in the mail, my father ended up in the hospital having major surgery. Suddenly, our ‘lazy’ summer days were spent with me driving back and forth to the hospital to give my mom a break and check in on my dad. 

Scripture Memory Fellowship

I had planned to use this as a part of our morning time routine, which we had added back to our days even though we were still enjoying summer break. However, we put our morning time routine on hold. While I plan to add it to our morning time this year, it worked out really well for me to use it for my Bible time and memorization. 

What is 14:6 The Way?

14:6 – The Way is a scripture memory program that includes three different levels of scripture memory, recitation, and study. The program has seven units, with four lessons each, and you complete one lesson each week. 

During the week, the user works on memorizing one to three Bible verses of increasing length. This allows younger children to participate with just the first shorter verse and older students or adults to learn two or three verses each week. The verses are color coded to help with organization. We chose and received the edition that uses the ESV for verses, but they also offer the KJV. 

Each lesson is one page in the spiral-bound book. The front of the page has the three color-coded memory verses, the thesis statement for the week, and a place to check off how the student did with their recitation at the end of the week. It also has a place to mark how they shared God’s word that week. 

On the back of the page is more information on the meaning of the verses. There is more reading to give context to the memory verses, multiple choice questions about the meaning, fill-in-the-blank questions to accompany the verses, and a discussion question. 

How Did We Use It?

As I mentioned earlier, instead of my children, I used this product. During a stressful time, it was a blessing to have something to help me keep up with my time in God’s word and scripture on which to focus. I could study the scripture and work on memorization while I sat at the hospital and meditate on it during the long car rides each day.

Moving forward, we will work on memorizing the scriptures together as a family. My younger students will learn the first verse each week, and I will encourage my teens to memorize at least two each week. We will spend a few minutes on it each morning during our breakfast Bible time.

This program is very adaptable for different ages, abilities, and schedules.

What Did We Think?

I liked the program’s layout and that it included more extended readings for context. I appreciated that it had discussion questions to ensure our children understand the scriptures they are hiding in their hearts.

From the weeks I have used so far, I have found it to be scripturally based and not focused on specific denominational doctrines, which I appreciated.

Who Would I Recommend It For?

I think this is a good resource for a variety of ages. It is simple enough for elementary-aged children, yet with the leveled verses, families can use it for teens and adults. It is a simple way to get an entire family to start memorizing scripture together.

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Pursuing Gold Book and Curriculum Review

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

We recently had the opportunity to review Pursuing Gold (and Pursuing Gold: History and Critical Thinking Curriculum) by Cynthia L. Simmons and Heart of the Matter. My daughter loves reading and was excited to read this historical fiction book that includes a touch of sweet romance.

My daughter is a quick reader, but when the book was unexpectedly delayed, I didn’t think she would have it finished by the time I needed to share my review. I handed her the book and told her I needed her to work through the first few chapters and discuss the curriculum.

Later that night, she came to me and asked me if she had to stop when she reached the point I had mentioned. I said, of course not, and over the next two days, she managed to complete the entire 372-page book.

Cynthia L Simmons

Pursing Gold Book Overview

In the words of my fourteen-year-old daughter:

“I really like this book. It has kept me interested and wanting to read and not put it down (It must be a book about gravity, I can’t put it down!!). The story is really cool. It is about Peter and Mary Beth courting and running a bank during the Civil War.

They are struggling with keeping the bank above water, and there is someone counterfeiting. Throughout the book, they are working together to try and figure out who it is before it hurts the bank. Peter is also trying to keep his mother and sister safe; they are concerned about an invasion. “

This book is set in Tennessee during the civil war. While set during the civil war, the focus is more on the counterfeiting mystery, the instability of currency during the war, and the relationships than the war itself.

Pursing Gold History and Critical Thinking Curriculum

The history and critical thinking curriculum accompanying Pursuing Gold is a great way to incorporate history, economics, and literature discussion into the book.

The main section of the curriculum has a page or two for each chapter, including several discussion questions for each chapter. In addition, some chapters have crossword puzzles for the vocabulary words, and others include a bit more background information about the history covered in that chapter.

There are also Bible references included within the guide.

After that section, there are several appendixes with further work. The first is a study on budgeting. This fairly in-depth study includes information on budgeting, debt, interest, and more. Next is a section on the history of money, and finally, there is an answer and discussion key to help the parent work through the curriculum.

Our Thoughts and Conclusions

Overall, as she shared earlier in the review, my daughter really enjoyed this book. We chose to have her read through it and then discuss some of the questions from the curriculum. However, you could easily go chapter by chapter and make this a more in-depth unit study covering literature, history, and economics.

I appreciate that my daughter enjoyed the book so much that she finished reading it far faster than required. As a parent, I want to encourage a love of reading and not have her literature study be drudgery. I also appreciate the Christian morals that were sprinkled throughout the book. My daughter even went online to get the sequel for herself.

If you want to read a book with mystery, intrigue, and a bit of clean romance set in a historically challenging time, this is the book for you! Instead of focusing on the soldiers and politics of the time, I love that it focuses on the lives of regular small-town citizens.

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Schoolhouse Teachers Review 2022

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Often I review products that are new to our family or something we tried because of the review. However, we have been using the Ultimate Membership (aff) from SchoolhouseTeachers.com (aff) for several years now, and I love sharing all of the new features each year.


Schoolhouse Teachers Overview

The Ultimate Membership (aff) with SchoolhouseTeachers.com (aff) is an online subscription that provides access to over 400 courses ranging from preschool through twelfth grade. Classes are set up in a variety of different formats.

Some courses are video-based, some have online grading, some use PDF documents, others utilize digital books or library resources. Your membership gets you access to all of the courses, and you can pick and choose which course works best for your family.

You can bookmark the course you select for easy access. Some parents have students access the courses through the website, and others download the course materials and print or add to google documents for their students.

In addition to classes, there are many different resources included with the membership. One significant resource is access to World Book Online, and this has been quite helpful to us for research papers.

The membership also includes access to lots of educational streaming programs. We have enjoyed the movies for both educational purposes and family entertainment.

How We use Schoolhouse Teachers

Our family uses a variety of courses from SchoolhouseTeachers.com. (aff) While it includes all of the classes needed for a complete curriculum, we use it for selected courses for each child.

Right now, both my eighth-grader and my sophomore are using it for literature courses. I appreciate that it provides questions and answers so that I don’t always have to re-read their literature choices. However, I also enjoy the flexibility to choose which selections we will use and adapt the courses to meet our needs.

History is another subject that we often utilize in SchoolhouseTeachers.com. (aff) We have loved their Drive Thru History courses, and currently, my sophomore is enjoying the Modern history course.

I also enjoy using the extra holiday-themed resources with my younger children. There are videos, activities, and literature studies for many traditional holidays.

Grade Level Boxes

While we enjoy using the program as a pick and choose approach, I know many parents like to have a program that has everything selected. The SchoolhouseTeachers.com (aff) membership offers school boxes with all the courses selected and planned out for each grade level. These are currently available for Kindergarten through twelfth grade, but Pre-Kindergarten is coming soon!

The school boxes have a curriculum guide for each subject, and the lesson plans are broken down by day and week. You can still adapt as you see fit, but it does the planning for you.

Fun New Features

SchoolhouseTeachers.com (aff) has rolled out a few new features that are lots of fun and add in some interactive opportunities for students.

Preschool and kindergarten students are offered a virtual storytime and show and tell each month.

Older students are offering a virtual science fair and a virtual art contest.

Moms should not feel left out; they also offer virtual meetings for moms through the Hey, Mama! Chats.  


I think that SchoolhouseTeachers.com (aff) is an excellent option for many homeschool families. It is not the program for you if you want to sit a child down in front of the computer and have everything happen automatically. However, it is full of great courses and resources.

It is very reasonably priced (and the price includes all of your children) and can be a complete curriculum or a supplement.

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An Affordable Homeschool Online Option for All Grades with SchoolhouseTeachers.com

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