Home School in the Woods Timeline Set (Review)

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My children love using products from Home School in the Woods to supplement our history studies and I have really been wanting to more consistently include a timeline in our history. So, I was very excited to try out Timeline Set: Resurrection to Revolution (0 -1799 AD) this summer and see how it would work for us next year.

Timeline Cover Page

The files are digital which made it super easy to print what I needed to print when I needed them. It also gave me the flexibility to use the figures in several different ways. There are over 280 different figures included in the set.

There are four different formats for each figure, so you can use the one that works best for your children. The first two formats are sized for notebooks. Both format includes the picture, name, and date, but the second format also includes a text description.

The other two formats are the same as the first two, except that they are larger for wall timelines. We have been working mainly with the note-booking sized figures but I love have the option to put the timeline on the wall.

Homeschool in the Woods

The most obvious use for the timeline figures is creating a timeline to go along with your history studies. This could be done on the wall, in a time-line journal, or even as a DIY project in a plain notebook. We plan to use the figures that coincide with our history curriculum and a notebook to create our timeline as we go through our history course next year.

However, this summer we tried out another fun way to use the figures, a game. We printed some of the figures with the text included. Then we cut the text apart from the figure itself. We pasted the two parts on opposite sides of a notecard.

Once you have the cards made you can use them like flashcards or have competitions to see who can name them the fastest.

You could also print just the figures and do a memory matching game with younger children. Another option we enjoyed was to make our own timeline game. We modeled this after a similar card game that my children had played in the past. Paste the figures on one side of the card and the dates on the other side.

The children have to place the figure in the correct order on the timeline without looking at the back of the card. Once placed the other players can check the placement using the dates on the back of the card.

We had lots of fun trying out these timeline figures and look forward to continuing to use them as we start back to regular school schedule in the fall. I think they would be great for any aged student because of the variety of ways they can be used.

In addition to Timeline Set: Resurrection to Revolution (0 -1799 AD), Home School in the Woods has timeline sets for other time periods as well as other history resources. The Review Crew reviewed a variety of different products, so be sure to click on the graphic below to see what crew members thought and how they used their products.

Hands On History with Homeschool in the Woods

Figures in Motion: Famous Figures of Ancient Times (Review)

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

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Figures in Motion

We love history in our home and always enjoy finding new ways to make history come to life and be more hands-on. When the opportunity to review Famous Figures of Ancient Times from Figures In Motion, I was happy to give it a try.

As I looked over the Figures In Motion website, I was excited to see that the Famous Figures of Ancient Times coordinated with Story of the World. We are currently using Story of the World, and so I was glad to be able to add the famous figures to our current history routine.

How it Works

My daughter, seventh-grade, and my son, first-grade, are currently going through ancient history together. I had them work together to complete the Famous Figures of Ancient Times. The book focused on 21 historical figures from ancient history.

For each figure, there were two different paper dolls that could be cut out and put together, the first was full color, and the other was an outline that the students could color themselves.

Once the components were cut out, the student put the dolls together using a hole-punch and metal brads. The hole punch and brads could be purchased from Figures In Motion if you do not have any. 

Since the dolls were put together, they were articulated (the legs and arms could move). This made them great fun for my first grader to play with and turn into puppets.

Creative Ideas

My son always wants to create puppets and make up stories to go along with them. With these, he could make the puppets and then use them to retell what he learned in his history lesson for the week.

You could also put them onto popsicle sticks if you wanted a puppet that you could maneuver in that way.

In addition to the paper figures, there were a couple of paragraphs of historical information about each person included in the book. There was also a suggested reading list of read-aloud books to cover those figures.

This would be a great way to expand on what you were learning or to make the book stand a bit more on its own and not as supplementary material.

Thoughts and Conclusions

Overall, we enjoyed these figures, and my son will continue to use them as we finish up our year in history. My daughter thought they were cute but a little too ‘young’ for her.

I think they would be great for elementary-age students, especially those who love puppets. Some middle school students may also enjoy them or enjoy creating with them.

We would not use this as a stand-alone history, but it paired very well with Story of the World as a low prep hands-on activity. The author also mentions that it aligns well with Sonlight Curriculum, Classical Conversations, and Mystery of History.

If you want to add a little hands-on learning to your history or have a child that loves puppets, check out Famous Figures of Ancient Times or one of the other books by Figures In Motion that covers a different time period. You can also find them on Amazon.

Also, be sure to click on the graphic below and see what the other Crew families thought about this product and which era in history they were covering.

Figures in Motion


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