Homeschool Product Review: Hoffman Piano Academy

hoffmanOur youngest is 9 years old. She is very musical, so I decided to search for some budget-friendly options for her to get some piano and voice lessons started during summer break. I was so delighted when I found Hoffman Piano Academy!

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that all of the actual lessons (100 of them!) on the Hoffman Academy website are FREE! You heard that right. And they are not slipshod or boring!

Our daughter was engaged from the moment I pushed the “play” button. Joseph Hoffman is entertaining and very kid-friendly. Lessons go at a nice, doable pace. Because they are recorded, you can go back and review as many times as you like, you can progress as quickly or slowly as you need to. Lessons are available 24/7, so you can plug in your piano lessons when they fit best in your schedule. All very convenient “perks”!

By the end of the first lesson, our daughter could play a song. What she learned was “Hot Cross Buns”…a very simple tune, but because she could say “I can play a song” it was immediately gratifying to her. A great move on Mr. Hoffman’s part. Even in the very first lessons, children are taught to think in terms of high and low notes and where they will occur on a musical staff later on.

Piano lesson fun!

At the end of the lessons, there is a little fun moment for the children to enjoy. Our daughter looks forward to these, and they serve as an incentive for her to stick with the session until the end. Another great, kid-friendly idea!


There are printed materials available for each Unit of study (for instance, Lessons 1-20 would comprise the first Unit). These printable materials support the concepts learned, and review important ideas. I highly recommend purchasing them to accompany the free lessons. They are extremely reasonable, at only $19 per Unit (or you can purchase the materials for all five units for just $85.50 by clicking here). Students learn in this first set of materials how to think in terms of note values, high and low, notes on a scale, and more.

Our daughter looks forward to every lesson with Mr. Hoffman. Click here to get started with Lesson 1!

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Note, I received a copy of the printed materials for Unit 1 free in exchange for an honest review.