Tried and True Resources

I may eventually move these to individual sub-pages, but for now… 🙂 These may or may not be free resources. They are things we have personally used. I’ll try to mark them if free.

English/Grammar/Reading/Language Arts

Daily Grams–we are using the high school level, which provides just enough exercises in each daily sheet to keep things fresh without becoming tedious. See my review here!

Life of Fred Language Arts–entertaining format which covers a lot of material in each lesson, in a fun format that keeps the creative juices flowing and makes things easily things applicable. Absolutely painless. 🙂


CTC Math–see my review here!

FREE Personal Finance course here.


FREE High School Biology

FREE High School Physical Science

FREE Creation Science textook (and study guide) from AIG here!

History/Social Studies

Story of the World–History curriculum which is very readable, has plenty of interesting and engaging activities, and can be done in a multi-grade level setting for families.


Mark Kistler’s Virtual Drawing class–link here! Our 4th grader loves these fun classes which teach cartoon illustration as well as basic drawing principles like shadow, shading, perspective, foreshortening, and more!


FREE Hoffman Piano Academy–See my review here!


Bouncy Bands–tool to help your more wiggly students! See my review here!

Order Out Of Chaos physical planner–See my review here!

Homeschool Planet Online Planner–See my review here!

Auto Upkeep Car Care, Maintenance, and Repair cours–See my review here!

Time 4 Learning online curricula–See my review here!

FREE Online curricula for grades K-12 here! Easy Peasy was a lifesaver for me!

FREE Bible curricula (OT & NT) here!

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