PI Day! Ideas and Resources

Pi Day Snacks!

What is Pi Day?

Some of you are as excited as I am about Pi day, some of you think I don’t know how to spell, and a few are wondering why we are celebrating a math concept. Pi day is a fun day that in our family also involves pie. While we didn’t celebrate when my children were really young, we have been celebrating Pi day for several years, and last year started celebrating with a group of our friends. It is celebrated on March 14th because the number PI starts with 3.14.

Homeschool Pi Day Celebrations

We gather together with round snacks, anything from sweet pies, pizza pies, and even a few moon pies. Then we have lots of fun with a variety of activities. Last year we did an art activity about pi, read some of the Sir Circumference Books and enjoyed our time together with friends.

We intend to have a very similar Pi day this year though I’ve found a few new resources and come up with a couple of extra ideas to keep things interesting. One thing we are going to do this year is to have the kids work together in teams to come up with as many words that begin with the letters ‘pi’ as they can in a set amount of time. This is a great way to include a little spelling and a lot of fun.  We will still enjoy a read aloud from the Sir Circumference series though I will choose a different book this year. They are always so much fun for all ages and do a great job introducing or reinforcing the geometric concepts.

Preschool Pi Day Ideas

In our group each family contributes, so there will be several other activities or ideas included in our Pi Day party. I also found these simple ideas for including preschoolers in Pi Day. While our group is geared towards tweens and teens, as is the case with many home school groups there are plenty of little sibling tag alongs. They will enjoy the some of the other activities but can enjoy one of the simple crafts like cutting out circles or doing some circle painting while the older children focus on the more complex ideas.

Pi Day Snack Ideas

For food you can make your own homemade pies and pizza, find other round foods (burgers, english muffins, etc) or call Papa Johns and let them take care of it. Since I will have a new baby and a busy day we plan to order pizza and let the children either bake a pie or some chocolate chip cookies. This is our favorite easy homemade pie crust and it works great with any filling we have tried. If you want to make a savory pie this recipe uses that pie crust to make a potato bacon torte that is really yummy, or if you’re feeling adventurous and historical you can try onion pie.  If we are not all tired of pie by dinner, we may have one of those for dinner.

I hope that you enjoy Pi day! Tell us your Pi day plans in the comments!

A Few Pi Day Resources:

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Resource Library

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    1. Tau? What kind of conceited, self absorbed, narrow minded type uses tau instead of pi. It ONLY works for circumference, useless for area or oscillating waves.


      1. Well, somebody woke up on the wrong side of the trapazoid this morning. #taumatters #tau>pi #mathwars


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