Letter A Preschool Activities and Printable!


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As a part of our relaxed preschool plan and my son’s strong desire to learn his letters, we are going to study a letter each week. Each week I’ll share snack ideas, sensory bin cards, crafts, and other resources for that letter.

I strongly encourage you to use only what seems to work for your child and keep it fun.  It is far better to wait until they are ready to learn than to push them too early.

We will be using the printable cards (free download below) in a sensory bin, eating “A” snacks, practicing making the letter in shaving cream, and doing an ant nature study this week.

We won’t be able to pick apples for another couple of weeks but we may also do some fun apple pages from the extra resources depending on how interested my four year old seems to be as the week progresses.

Letter A Snack Ideas:

  • Almonds
  • Apples
  • Apricots
  • Asparagus (might be better with dinner but still a fun ‘A’ food)
  • Ants on a Log (celery w/ nut butter and raisins)

Extra Letter A Resources:

Letter A Upper Case Craft Freebie

Letter a Lower Case Craft Freebie

Optional Letter A Activities:

Apple Picking

Ant Nature Study (you can observe them outside, create a habitat in a jar, or purchase an ant farm)

Don’t forget to download your free Letter A Sensory Bin Pictures to use this week!

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Resource Library 

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12 thoughts on “Letter A Preschool Activities and Printable!

  1. I wish my kids would eat peanut on celery…it is such a great snack. The last time I gave it to them they licked the peanut butter out and threw away the celery. Oh, well…maybe we can try again in a few months.


  2. Love these ideas. Nothing like snacks to reinforce a lesson! I still have a recipe for ants on a log hand, written by my oldest when he was about seven. It is tucked away in a family favorites cookbook. Always brings a smile when I come across it. He is twenty three now!


  3. I remember those days of an alphabet letter each week. These are some great ideas and resources. My kids just ate the peanut butter and threw the celery away too.


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