Our Preschool Curriculum 2022

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Children learn through play and living out real life with their family and those around them. Young children do not need a formal curriculum to learn and grow. I firmly believe that, but I also have a four-year-old that wants to ‘do school’ like his big brothers and sister.

Reading with Sissy

Since he wants to do school, I have gathered various materials to use with him and arranged our day so that I can spend twenty or thirty minutes a day working with him. I will not force the issue if he decides he does not want to do school on any given day.

What Are We Learning?

When I asked my four-year-old what he wanted to learn in school, he told me he wanted to learn his letters and all about the weather.


So I logged into my handy SchoolhouseTeachers.com subscription and found a fun Charlotte Mason Preschool course with a unit that covered weather. It also has bird and insect units which will tie in nicely with my eight-year-olds science course this year.

He will also join us on our nature walks and listen in as I do nature study work with my older children. 

Preschool Nature Study

Language Arts/ Math

I created these fun alphabet activities for my older son, so we will use them and some other fun alphabet printables. Of course, we love reading together, and I will continue reading a variety of books to him and listening to audiobooks in the car and while he is resting at home.

We are using unifix cubes, pattern blocks, and other fun math manipulatives to work on basic number sense and math skills. There are also some great fun math lessons on the SchoolhouseTeachers.com preschool playground that we can incorporate.


He is using our You Are an Artist Clubhouse Membership for art. He loves sitting alongside my older children and doing the chalk pastel lessons. He will also do some of his art from their preschool courses. Of course, he will have plenty of time just to be creative and access to a wide variety of art and craft materials for independent exploration.

He listens to music during our morning routine with our hymn and fine arts studies. He has been asking to start violin lessons with Practice Monkeys. However, for now, I am letting my daughter start working with him on the violin to determine if he is ready for actual lessons.

Foreign Language

I am also having him watch the Whistlefritz and Salsa Spanish videos for a simple, low-pressure introduction to Spanish. We aren’t doing formal studies, but the low-key introduction will hopefully help him learn some of the language more naturally.

How Long Will This Take?

When I list it all out like that, it may seem like a very full load, but in reality, I will spend twenty to thirty minutes a day doing ‘school’ with him, not counting our extra reading aloud and nature walks. I am looking forward to a fun, no-pressure, play-filled, and active introduction to school days with him. I think he will enjoy the focused time and attention, and his inquisitive mind will soak up all of the science.

Do you do preschool in your homeschool? What are your favorite resources?

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Resource Library 

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