Adventum Bible Dramatization Review

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

I love it when I get a chance to review a product that ties nicely into something we are already learning or doing in our home. As a family, we have been going through the book of Genesis during our morning Bible time. Then we had the opportunity to review The Adventum, Volume 1, which covers the book of Genesis.

The Adventum is an audio dramatization based on the Bible. It is broken down into short episodes of less than thirty minutes, most of them ranging from ten to twenty minutes long. There are different voices for the different biblical characters and excellent sound effects.

When it is the voice of God speaking, it is a direct scripture quote. What we have noticed so far is that everything has aligned well with scripture though there are some extra-biblical things to help the storylines. In other words, nothing goes against scripture, but they use added dialogues and conjectures to fill in details that the Bible itself does not provide.

How We Used It

We listened to episodes as a family while we were riding. At first, we were just listening and enjoying the story. We realized as we listened that we needed to make sure what we were hearing lined up with the Bible, so we started listening to the episodes that aligned with what we were covering during our morning Bible reading.

Since we had the downloads, I could play them from my computer or load them onto our kindles for easier portability.

It was a perfect lesson for my teens in discerning and ensuring that what they were hearing aligned with what the Bible said and understanding what parts were scriptural and what parts were conjecture.

What We Thought

Overall, our family enjoyed the Adventum. We thought they did a great job with the dramatization, though there were a few scary parts for my four-year-old. I believe it is essential to also read the scripture, so there is no confusion.

My teens thought that it was exciting and they were well engaged in our conversations about what was scriptural. I loved seeing them dig into scripture to see if something was actually included, and I felt it helped my little boys better understand the Biblical stories we had been reading.

My eight-year-old said they definitely added some extra stuff. I enjoyed listening to them, and the sound effects were really good.


Overall, this should not replace Bible reading and study but can be a great way to make the stories of the Bible come alive in an accurate and fun manner. The Adventum, Volume 1 is excellent for the entire family, though probably ideal for elementary and middle grades students.

Check out The Adventum, Volume 1, to find out more and purchase downloads or CDs. They are even offering my readers free shipping with code: advcrew22. 

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