Brinkman Adventures (Review and a Discount!)

Underground Rising Season 6 Brinkman Adventures

Many of you know that we recently went through a devastating hurricane in our town. We were without power at our home for about five days, with other folks faring much worse. We were expecting the power to be out for at least that long and before the storm I set about preparing not only for our safety but for a little fun and comfort along the way. We charged up the kindles and as a fun surprise I downloaded our newest review product Season 6: Underground Rising from the Brinkman Adventures.

I had not told the children about the review but knew that they would be excited and the episodes would bring a welcome break during a stressful time. I was so glad that I had them downloaded. As we sat around in the evenings and spent time together as a family and during hot afternoons with no air conditioner the episodes were a welcome reprieve.  My children were already familiar with the Brinkman Adventures from our normal Saturday morning routine of listening to an episode on the radio as we ride around going to yard sales as a family.  They love listening to them and always wish they could hear more, so having a chance to own a season was a real blessing. Now we can listen to them whenever we want and not just during that one time frame on Saturday mornings. My son enjoyed sitting on the couch and playing Legos while he listened and my daughter could work on her crafts.

Brinkman Pic
Building with Legos while listening to the Brinkman Adventures!

If you are not familiar with the Brinkman Adventures, they follow the fun adventures of the Brinkman family and incorporate stories of real life missionaries and Christian heroes. As a parent, I make it a priority to surround my children with good role models and and heroes both in person and through stories.  The Brinkman Adventures is an excellent way to introduce your children to some wonderful missionaries and Season 6: Underground Rising is no exception.

My children’s favorite episodes from this season featured a Green Beret who became a missionary in Burma. He founded the Free Burma Rangers and is helping many people to escape from the Burmese army. It tells of his time in college and some mistakes he made and how he got his life back on track. I love how it highlighted how God used his military service to train him for his later missionary service.  While they take some liberties with the story to make it work for the audio drama it is the real story of missionary David Eubanks. The website has a section that shares more of the real story of the person featured in the episode as well as explaining which parts were adapted for the sake of story and which parts were true.

Other episodes in this season included a two part series on the Dutch Underground, a fun story about a family who worked with an orphanage in India, and a funny episode about the Brinkman family and the time one of them swallowed a fly! These episodes will make you laugh, cry, and most importantly they will remind you of God’s power and his provision. Our family truly enjoyed Season 6: Underground Rising and I encourage you to check out the website and try these fun and meaningful adventures with your family. As an added bonus I get the privilege of offering you an additional 10% off if you use the code FALL10 now through October 31st! To find out what adventures the other Review Crew members loved make sure to click below to read the other reviews.

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