Fishing, Fairs and Fairy Tales: Letter F Preschool Activities and Printable!


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My son’s favorite letter up to now has been B because it is the beginning of his name and the first letter he learned to recognize, but this week’s letter might become his new favorite. What is so special about the letter F? It is the first letter of his favorite activity: fishing! And to make it even better it is the first letter of our field trip for this week: the fair!


We will be attending our State Fair this week and we are excited to be able to include that in our letter study! In addition to talking about the fair and how it starts with F, I created a scavenger hunt at the fair for things that begin with the letter F. You can download your copy of the scavenger hunt below. There are also some yummy treats at the fair that start with F. We always enjoy splitting a funnel cake and French fries are one of my son’s favorites.

Letter F Nature Study

Our nature study is going to focus on fish. While we may not be able to study those up close this week due to the weather we are going to look at his fish books, color pictures of fish, and hopefully find a few fish at the Marine Fisheries exhibit at the fair.

We will also cover the season of fall in our nature study. While fall officially started several weeks ago, this is the first week that we are slated to have fall weather! With the cooler temperatures it will be fun to go outside and look for changing leaves and other signs of fall. I also have a collection of fall books that I want to incorporate into our days.

Letter F Sensory Activities

My sons loves finger painting and I think that will be a fun sensory activity to help learn the letter F. We are a big fan of finger painting because it encourages fine motor skills, it is easy to clean up, and of course lots of fun. If it feels too messy you can choose a different activity or check out my post on making it easier to say yes to the messy activities.

My son’s favorite number at the moment is the number four. I think it may be a rule when you are a small child that your favorite number matches your age. He wants to eat four of everything, do things for four minutes or four days, and put everything into groups of four. This is a great week to reinforce that number through counting, activities, and possibly add drawing the number 4 in finger paint to our letter activities.

Letter F Literature

Finally what better way to enjoy the letter F than with a few good fairy tales! There are so many great ways to enjoy fairy tales. We can read them in some of our favorite books, listen to them, watch a movie, or even make up our own fairy tales.

I hope this post gives you some ideas to get started with the letter F. Please share your ideas for letter F in the comments below!

Letter F Snack Ideas:


Fig Newtons

Fish (gold fish)

Fruit Salad (This is a fun one for them to help make. They can use a lettuce knife to help cut and then mix it all together.)

Funnel Cake

French Fries

Fruit (and veggie) Flower Snacks

Extra Resources:

Letter F Upper Case Craft Freebie

Letter f Lower Case Craft Freebie

Letter F Optional Activities:


Float/Sink experiment

Nature study on fish or ferns or fall

Finger Games

Fair (this one is seasonal but times out perfectly for us)

Fairy Tales (This 5 minute fairy tale book is free if you have kindle unlimited).

Letter F Fair Day Scavenger Hunt (FREE PRINTABLE)

Don’t forget to download your free letter F sensory bin pictures to use this week!

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