Igloos, Ice Cream, and Insects: Letter I Preschool Activities and Printable!


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My favorite part of the letter H study were the fun hand print turkey papers that we made. He loves finger painting and I thought they turned out so cute. We made several so that we could send them to a few relatives for Thanksgiving. We didn’t get a chance to make the Hot Cross Buns but we did enjoy a hike, a letter H scavenger hunt, and hand print crafts. He also had the opportunity to visit a great little backyard zoo for a field trip this week.  We also spent some time talking to and about our heroes.


Like H, I is made up of straight lines that generally make it easier for a young child to write or trace than curved letters. We will practice I as well as the letters he has learned so far in his dry erase letter book. He also really enjoyed the glue and glitter letter activity that we did with G so we may try that again with the letter I or we may use his PlayDoh .

He loves collecting ‘bugs’ so our study of insects should be a lot of fun. We have the book, Pets in a Jar, which is a super helpful resource if you want to collect insects to study for awhile. While it is not just insects, it covers the care of many different insects and has given us many hours of fun and learning.  There are also premade kits that can help give your new insects a place to live while you study it if you prefer.  If you do not want to catch your own insects to view, you could always purchase a butterfly garden kit.  I think we will find a few insects around our home to study and then try the butterfly garden this spring. If you didn’t want to do it this week, it could make a great Christmas or birthday gift since you can get the kit and redeem the certificate for the caterpillars at a later date.

I think we will enjoy an ice cream treat this week in celebration of the letter I.  We could always purchase ice cream but I think he will enjoy making his own. There are several very simple ‘ice cream in a bag‘ recipes that can be used to make a small amount of ice cream without any fancy ingredients or an ice cream maker.

Finally, I think we will have some fun with ice. There are some great sensory activities or these fun science experiments. You can get as complicated as you want or as simple as getting a few ice cubes out of the freezer and letting them explore with them.

There are many books that you could use to accompany an I theme but my son is particularly fond of Curious George so we will probably use Curious George and the Ice Cream Surprise.  If you are looking for a video to watch, Sid the Science Kid has an episode on ice that is included with an Amazon Prime membership. There is also a Popular Mechanics for Kids episode on Igloos that would work well with this week’s theme.

I hope this post gives you some ideas to get started with the letter I. Please share your ideas for letter I in the comments below!

Snack Ideas:

Ice Cream

Icing (If you want to limit sugar you can use mostly cream cheese with a bit of honey or powdered sugar)

Iceberg Lettuce

Italian Ice


Extra Resources:

Letter I Upper Case Craft Freebie

Letter i Lower Case Craft Freebie

Optional Activities:

Nature Study: Insects or Icicles



Ice (melting experiments)

Iowa or Illinois




Don’t forget to download your free letter I sensory Bin printable.


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