Master Kitz: The Starry Night (Review)


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I am the first to admit that art was never my gifting. I enjoy looking at art and doing crafts but I was never what you would call an artist. This can sometimes make teaching art to my children difficult, so I am always on the lookout for programs that will help my children with art and not require me to have a strong background in art.  I was excited to have the chance to review Master Kitz The Starry Night by with my two older children.

When we first received the kit I was very concerned that I had ‘bitten off more than I could chew’. I looked at the picture that was expected at the end and thought that this project was going to take hours and probably more help and support than I was prepared to give them. I could not have been more mistaken. The project was surprisingly easy and took us less than an hour from start to finish. While I supervised and helped get things set up they were able to complete the project very independently.

Once I had the kit opened and was getting everything set up the first thing that stood out to me were the instructions. There were easy to understand and included step by step pictures that made them very easy to follow. The only difficulty we noticed was that we while there are enough materials for two projects it was a little difficult to do both at the same time because of sharing the reusable products. We were able to make it work by having my daughter wait and get several steps behind my son. Otherwise, it was a very smooth process.

Aside from something to put under the painting to keep the table clean and a little tape to keep the art from sliding, everything was included in the kit. This makes a busy mama very happy. If I have to gather too many supplies, the project tends to get put off and sometimes not done at all. Having everything in the kit meant that with-in just a few minutes of opening the kit we were able to get started on the project.

The children were able to use the instructions and templates to create a very cool piece of art that strongly resembles the original painting by Vincent van Gogh.  I do think it is important to note that it uses templates and textured rollers and that you do not need to have a lot of natural artistic inclination to make this a successful project. This is not a step by step tutorial on how to paint this project free hand but a carefully designed kit that allows them to use the templates to recreate a master piece.

Also included in the kit was information on the life and works of Vincent van Gogh to facilitate a study of the artist in addition to the art project.  We chose to complete the art project first and then use the information to facilitate a dinner time conversation about van Gogh which led to a bit more internet research as the children asked questions about his life. I felt like this was a very fun way to add a bit of art and artist study to our home school.

If you are looking to add a bit of art or artist study to your curriculum and want something that will be easy to implement, fun, and education this may be a great product for you. In addition to this kit they offer several other kits featuring other artists. Check out Master Kitz The Starry Night and their other great kits.

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