B is for Boxcar Children and Ben Carson

I remember devouring the Boxcar children books when I was a child and I have been pleased to watch my older children, especially my son enjoy them as well. This is one of those special series that spans the generations. and excites the imagination. Tales of orphaned siblings whom created a life for themselves living in an abandoned boxcar excites the imagination. They were enjoying life and having adventures but also overcoming adversity. They eventually find their grandfather and go to live with him. However, they continue to have adventures in various places and solve mysteries that always seem to find them.

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There are over 100 books in this series but I primarily recommend the first nineteen books as they were written by the original author. After the author, Gertrude Chandler Warren, died in 1979 the publishers had the other books written. There were some other cute stories but in my opinion, they were never as good as the original books.

These beginner chapter books are great family read alouds or can generally be read independently by about second grade. The exciting adventures of the Alden siblings can encourage imaginative play and adventure. I loved watching my children go outside and pretend to have similar adventures and solve mysteries after their imaginations were sparked by the books.

Another great book for the older set is Ben Carson: A Chance at Life. This book,published by YWAM, is a good fit for upper elementary or middle grades students. This biography tells of the life of famous brain surgeon Ben Carson. I love having my children read books about heroes and role models as they develop their understanding of the world. Ben Carson is an excellent role model and this biography is both enjoyable to read and informative.

I could probably choose a dozen more books with the letter B but those are two that we really enjoyed. I would love for you to share your favorite B book in the comments. Don’t forget to check out the other bloggers who are joining us on their journey through the alphabet and stop back next week for the letter C.

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10 thoughts on “B is for Boxcar Children and Ben Carson

    1. It is so funny what they remember. Now that you mention it I remember that but it is not a detail that came to mind.


  1. My youngest loved the Boxcar Children. We’re also making our way through all of the YWAM books. Ben Carson will be our choice in a few more books.


  2. We are part of The Boxcar Children fan club as well. When my girls were just getting into beginning chapter books, they were such an enjoyable way for them to practice, practice, practice those baby independent reading skills. Looking forward to your “C” post!


  3. Two of my three have enjoyed the Boxcar Children but they don’t like more than the first few of them.

    Ben Carson is an amazing man! He is defnitely an example of one who pulled himself up out of poverty and refused to follow the expected path for young men from his type of background. There is a teen biography that is wonderful. It is titled You Have a Brain. Excellent! And his America The Beautiful, a book about what America could be, is inspiring.


    1. I think I need to add America the Beautiful to my reading list. I had not heard of You Have a Brain but I will check it out! He really is an amazing man and great role model.


  4. Wow, over 100 books in the series! I loved the boxcar children series, but I think I must have only read a couple of them. Thank you for sharing such a great book set! (both of them 🙂 )


    1. I don’t think I have read all 100 of them either, though my oldest son might be getting close. He read all that we could find.


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