Happy Teacher Appreciation Week (Free Printables)

I just wanted to take a few minutes and let you know how appreciated you are this week! If you were working in a traditional school you would probably get gifts, snacks, or maybe even a special lunch.  I can’t offer you those things but I did want to take a minute and remind you that you are appreciated and the hard job you are doing is worth it!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week

Your children may not tell you and may not even realize it themselves yet, but the time you spend with them is such a blessing. Knowing that you are always there for them, helping them learn, cooking their meals, being a listening ear is so important.

The days can seem long and often like we are not making any progress, but they are learning and growing in so many ways! God sees the hours and days that you are pouring into these children that he has blessed you with and you are appreciated.

Homeschool Teacher Appreciation Ideas

Take a few minutes this week and enjoy a cup of coffee with another homeschool mom or all by yourself. Have a piece of chocolate as you sit outside and listen to the birds chirp, call a pizza delivery place and give yourself a night off from dinner, or even check out some of the great deals going on right now and treat yourself.

You could even add a few flowers to your grocery order this week or light a candle and enjoy some quiet music. Know that even though you may not hear it from your children and there is no homeschool mom PTO to provide you with little gifts this week you are appreciated and your hard work is not in vain. Don’t forget to the other homeschool parents in your life that they are appreciated.

What are some simple ways that you can celebrate other homeschool moms or give yourself a little treat this week? Share your ideas in the comments.

My Homeschool Teacher Appreciation Gift to You!

Updated 5/9/2019: I wanted to give you a gift for Teacher Appreciation Week and since I couldn’t buy you all chocolates I thought I’d create a few free printables. These are encouraging verses that you can print out to encourage you on the tough days!. Just click below to download. I ask that you please do not share the files but feel free to give friends the link to this blog post.

Biblical Encouragement Posters

Resource Library and Affiliate Disclosure

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Resource Library 

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Deals and Freebies

Schoolhouse Teachers is also offering a sale

Fit2B just announced they are having a Mother’s Day sale! Use code mothersday25off for 25% off! We use this for both my personal fitness and some of our PE for the kids (all included in one membership). A great way to get you safely moving and incorporate fitness into a busy day.

Tummy Team is having a Mother’s Day sale!

Free Makeover Your Morning 5 Day Challenge! This is a great way to help re-focus and get your day off on the right foot.

Harry The Happy Mouse (Free on Kindle)

Illustrated Would You Rather Book (Free on Kindle)

FREE Writing About Books: Book Reports and Beyond from Write Shop!

FREE: Check out this great new FREE resource for classical and Charlotte Mason education! Classical Christian Education & Charlotte Mason. Great for folks already homeschooling or if you have friends that are looking into it!

7 thoughts on “Happy Teacher Appreciation Week (Free Printables)

  1. I do treat myself for Teacher Appreciation Week! 😉 If you’re part of a co-op, thank the other homeschool moms or tutors with a card or small gift. I’ve been terrible about remembering teacher gifts in the co-ops, but I’m making a special effort to do something for the other teachers this week (and encouraging my daughter to do something too)!


  2. Well, I have to admit that I’ve never even thought of teacher appreciation week as a homeschooler. By now, most schools have graduated, and I’m just thinking about getting through the home stretch.

    I appreciate your free gift and your mentioning teacher appreciation.


    1. Sometimes its the little things that make a big difference! Hope you get to enjoy a cup with a friend sometime soon.


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