V is for a Variety of Children’s Books

When I first started trying to think of books with “V” I was really struggling, but then I found four different ones in our collection that I felt were worth sharing. I decided to share all four of them so that you have a variety of “V” books to choose from this week.

v is for pinterst

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The first two books, staples in our children’s collection, are by Eric Carle. The Very Hungry Caterpillar and The Very Quiet Cricket are wonderful children’s books that we have enjoyed reading many times over the years. The pictures are adorable and descriptions are fantastic.  You can almost hear the insects with the descriptions in The Very Quiet Cricket as the sounds are described using terms such as, ” hummed a bumblebee” and “screeched a cicada.” It would be a great book to add to a study of insects. I love The Very Hungry Caterpillar so much that I plan to do a week long unit study on the book with my kindergartner this year.  We can eat some of the yummy food that it talks about, get caterpillars to watch as they go through metamorphosis and turn into butterflies, and learn the days of the week.


Velveteen Rabbit is one of those classic children’s stories that I think every child should hear at least once. While it has some really sad parts, it is a wonderful fairy tale about the power of love. If you are not familiar with this title, it is the story of a well loved stuffed rabbit that had to be thrown out after the child who loved him had been very sick. The magic of that love allowed him to become a real rabbit.

Victoria House is one that I had not read until recently. I found it in the clearance section on a recent bookstore visit and picked it up for $1. Written by Janice Shefelman, it is the story of a beautiful old house that had been abandoned and was going to be torn down. Fortunately, an architect saw it and fell in love with the home. They had the house moved into the city, moved into it, and turned it into a happy home once more. It was a cute story with lovely illustrations. I also felt that it was a great reminder of the value of older things in today’s ‘throw away’ culture.

Have you read any of these V books?  Tell me what books come to mind when you think of the letter V.

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6 thoughts on “V is for a Variety of Children’s Books

  1. What a great selection! I adored the Velveteen Rabbit as a child. As an adult, I have appreciated the artwork from Eric Carle’s books. The Victoria House? That one I want to read just because it sounds like a beautiful story. And it reminds me of A Tree For Peter.


  2. I have read so many of the Eric Carle books when I was working at the zoo. They were perfect for Reader’s Club. I was kinda sad when our library’s books didn’t actually light up or make the cricket noise anymore.


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