Crafty Classroom Pattern Block Pack (Review)

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Pattern blocks are one of my favorite educational toys for young children because they have so many uses and are lots of fun. That made choosing to review Pattern Block Activity Bundle by Crafty Classroom an easy choice. I knew it was a great chance to ‘sneak’ a little learning in with my five-year-old son. He loves to play games and build things but is not yet ready for a lot of work book style learning.

I loved that my son was counting, matching shapes, practicing letters and numbers, and even improving his fine motor skills and he thought he was just playing a game.  There are hundreds of different patterns included in this 731 page digital download and each one has several different levels. You can print one out in color where they just match the shapes onto the mat, a black and white version where they are finding the shapes to fit into the blocks, and blank ones that require them to decide which shapes would best fill in the space.

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I mostly used the black and white ones because I felt like the colored ones were too easy for my son but he would have gotten frustrated with the blank ones. I love that as he works with them and gets better, I can switch over to the blank ones to keep him challenged.

For each pattern he would pick out the shapes he needed and put them in the right spots on the template. Then he would count how many of each shape were used and write that down at the bottom of the page. I let him write on the page but if you had multiple kids using them or wanted to reuse the same template multiple times you could put them in a page protector and use dry erase markers.

I brought these out several times a week over the last month or so and let him pick from a selection that I had printed out.  The first day he did almost all of the numbers but most days he would simply do one or two of the pages and then move on to something else. I would also get them out whenever he asked for them and he enjoyed showing other people (grandparents, etc) his new ‘game’.

This set is very versatile and would be perfect for independent play, letter and number review, or as a scheduled part of your curriculum. Once we start our regular school days in September, I am looking forward to being able to use these a couple of times a week for an independent activity that he can do while I work with my older students. She also includes a variety of pages that can be used as extension activities with the patterns, having them draw and write about the pattern, do graphing, tally marks, or addition related to the patterns, and even a dice game with to use with the pattern blocks.

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We really enjoyed this Pattern Block Activity Bundle from Crafty Classroom and look forward to continuing to use it throughout the year. In addition to this pattern block packet, Crew Members have reviewed a variety of other products and I highly encourage you to click on the Crew Review graphic below and check out their reviews.

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