Our Christmas School Ideas 2021

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Every year we do school a little differently in December. During the first couple of years that we homeschooled, I added many Christmas activities to our regular school. The kids loved the activities, but we were all burned out from trying to fit in everything.

Now, as much as possible, I trade out regular curriculum components for Christmas activities. For example, we choose a Christmas novel for our read-aloud, Christmas hymns for our music, and an Advent study for our Bible time. This keeps the fun but minimizes burnout.

Each year looks different as we learn and grow as a family, and we are in different ages and stages. Today I wanted to share what we are doing this year if you were looking for some fun ideas for your family. We have four children ages three to fifteen, and it will look a bit different for each child.

Family Christmas Studies

Our whole family will be doing Christmas hymn study together. We love listening to familiar Christmas music and learning more about the song’s origins. We also incorporate some fun art lessons.

Next, our Bible time will be Christmas-focused. We have been reading through the book of Psalms with one Psalm a day. However, we will switch that up and do a book of Luke each morning. We are also excited to be starting Jotham’s Journey this week as a part of our Advent study.

A Christmas Carol Study

Next, my high school son was slated to read one of Charles Dickens’ books after the New Year with his literature course. Instead, I decided that we would read Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. My son will read it independently, and I will have my younger children listen together on audio. Then we can discuss it as a family. After the reading, we will watch one of the children’s versions together as a family. I may also have my teens watch the regular movie. I think it will be a fun but meaningful Christmas activity.

I mentioned in our Hymn study that we love Christmas carols. In addition to the hymn study, we will add the SQUILT Music Calendar for December for an almost effortless way to add a little more Christmas music to our mornings. It is an easy addition to our morning time that we all enjoy.

Christmas Art

My 8th grader and 2nd grader are also excited to be adding Christmas art lessons. We use our Clubhouse Membership with Nana over at ChalkPastel.com for most of our art lessons.

Some of her classes match our hymn studies, but there are also many other fun Christmas paintings. From fun Grinch and Charlie Brown pictures to nativity paintings, there is something different we could do each day. She even has a new Saint Nicholas lesson this year.

Christmas Activities for Younger Learners

As my children get older, it can feel a little more challenging to take a break from the regular curriculum. However, it is a lot of fun with my three-year-old and seven-year-old, and there are many options.

First, we will be reading Christmas picture books each day. I love Christmas books, and we have quite a collection. I try to add at least one book to our collection each year. Many focus on the real meaning of Christmas, but we also enjoy some just for fun. One of our favorites is Cranberry Christmas. My husband also enjoys reading the Night Before Christmas to them each year.

Advent Calendars

Several years ago, I bought a Lego advent calendar. At that time, it was a massive hit for my eldest. Now, my seven-year-old enjoys it. We reuse it each year. Each day he takes out the Legos for that day and builds the object. It has been a lot of fun.

I decided to add a play-doh advent calendar this year for my three-year-old. He is not quite old enough for the Legos, but I knew he would want to get in on the fun. So each day we will spend some time with Legos and play-doh. They are great for working on fine motor skills.

We love our pattern blocks and have found them to be a big hit year after year! We the varying levels of difficulty in our pattern sheets, both of the children can use them and be successful. They think it is a lot of fun, and I like seeing them work on fine motor skills and spatial awareness. There are many other fun crafts and activities that we may add in as time allows.

Finally, we are going to be adding fun Christmas reading and math printables. There are so many fun and free printables. We can add in some math review and sight word practice; for some reason, addition problems are far more enjoyable when there is a Christmas ornament involved.

What Are You Doing for Christmas?

Overall, we are excited about this Christmas season. Life has been hectic lately, but we have carved out some time to be home and enjoy each other during the season. We have lots of good books to read (and some hot cocoa to accompany them) and great music to fill our ears and our hearts.

I would love to know what you are doing for Christmas school this year. Please share your ideas in the comments. Be sure to check out all of our other Christmas Ideas and Our Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals.

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