Mega Homeschool Christmas Resource Round-Up

Christmas is my favorite time of year, and we love to incorporate Christmas into our homeschool. I have done various things throughout the years, from adding Christmas projects to our homeschool to entirely focusing on Christmas in place of our other curriculum. What will work best for your family will depend on your children, their ages, and various other personal factors.

This is a round-up of some of my posts with different ideas and activities. I encourage you to take the time to consider a variety of options and choose what will work best for your family. Make sure that you don’t overload the schedule, and you leave time for the many family and church events that tend to happen this time of year.

I have found that the more I can allow the Christmas activities to replace the regular activities, the easier it is to incorporate them into our day.

Books and Curriculum

Picture books and Bible studies are a great way to incorporate Christmas into your homeschool. We love reading as many books as possible from our collection and the local library. I try to add at least one new Christmas book each year. Be sure to check out the Cozy, Book Filled December post for links to some of our favorites.

A Cozy, Book Filled December

A Christmas Journey and Activity Book (Review)

Worthy Kids The Giving Manger Review

Ideas and Activities

Each year we change things up a bit and use some different resources. Some traditions and resources are staples and some we really enjoy but only use once. The resources below share what we have used during other years and some fun traditions that we have as a family.

Christmas Ornaments and Memories

Detective Givemore and Christmas and Holiday Freebies

Christmas Traditions: Breakfast (and a Recipe)

Christmas Traditions: Cousins and Cookies

Christmas School 2019

Our Christmas School Plans

Twelve Christmas Adventures

Christmas Music and Art

Music and art are two of my favorite ways to incorporate Christmas into our homeschool. We love doing hymn studies (and have quite a few free ones here on the blog). We also enjoy letting the children listen to different music and learn to play Christmas songs together on their instruments. We incorporate lots of art into our Christmas studies, everything from art to match our hymns to fun Snoopy Christmas art.

Christmas Music Appreciation Resources

I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day (Hymn Study)

We Three Kings Hymn Study and Copywork

Hymn Study: Away in a Manger

A Merry Christmas Hymns Study

Gift Ideas

Finally, I don’t know about you, but sometimes the stuff and the clutter can get overwhelming. It can be hard to know what to get my kids that won’t turn into junk that is in the way. I love educational gifts, but want them to feel special and not like I am giving them school supplies. I have included a variety of gift lists with ideas that can encourage their passions and avoid feeling like clutter.

Clutter-Free Christmas Ideas

Gift Ideas For Your Budding…Naturalist

Gift Ideas For Your Budding…Builder

Gift Ideas For Your Budding…Musician

Gift Ideas For Your Budding…Artist

Educational Christmas Ideas (that don’t feel like school supplies)

Share Your Ideas

I hope you find these ideas helpful! I will be sharing our 2021 Christmas School plans next week as well. I would absolutely love to have you share your favorite resource or tradition in the comments. I hope that you have a peaceful, joy-filled season.

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