Christmas Ornaments and Memories

I have seen many beautiful Christmas trees over the years. Some are done in ornaments all the same color, others in a theme, and then there are trees like the one in our home that are a hodgepodge of all kinds of ornaments. This week the review crew is sharing about ornaments and I thought I would share of a few of my favorites from our tree. We have a huge collection or ornaments and can not put them all out each year because they would overwhelm the tree.

We love to collect ornaments from places we travel, ornaments for special occasions, ornaments made by the children, and ornaments given as gifts. Our trees certainly won’t win any decorating awards, but they do spark strong memories and fun conversations each year.

A Few of Our Favorites

My six year old colored this one and even though it was not actually supposed to be an ornament decided it would be perfect for the tree.
This one was gifted to my son by my aunt! It will grace our tree until he has a tree of his own.
I love personalized sand dollar ornaments. This one represents the sweet pups we had when we were dating and first married.
A gift to us when I was pregnant with my oldest!
A precious gift for the first Christmas after we were married.
One of many ornaments we have that help us remember the real reason we celebrate.

No matter what kind of tree you have, I hope that it brings you joy and happiness during this season. I would love to hear about your favorite ornaments or how you like to decorate. Be sure to click below to check out all of the other fun ornament posts from the Review Crew this week. Some tell about their ornaments and others will even share ideas for making ornaments.

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7 thoughts on “Christmas Ornaments and Memories

  1. I like to look at color co-ordinated trees but they look like decor not Christmas to me. A true Christmas tree is one that shows the love and joy of family. I like your personalized ornaments with special memories. – Lori


  2. I think at some point I would like to have some smaller trees that can be themed but more towards the individual. I like the hodgepodge of tree ornaments myself because like you said each one has a meaning. My husband tried to get us into just using Christmas bulbs but the kids and I love looking through the box of handmade ornaments and talking about them. This year my husband did this with us and I think it helped him appreciate all the wacky ones we have 🙂


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