Celebrating with Songs

This week the Review Crew is talking about celebrating with songs. As I thought about that topic, I thought about the many ways that songs are incorporated into our celebrations. One of the most obvious and one that easily crosses genres, taste, and social groups is Happy Birthday. This popular song is sung in many languages and versions around the world to celebrate birthdays.

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When Do We Use Songs

Then I think about songs that remind me of various celebrations. I may be dating myself a bit, but I remember the song “Friends Are Friends Forever” from my graduation, the wedding march played on my wedding day, and of course this time of year all of the Christmas Carols that celebrate the birth of Christ.

Sometimes those songs find meaning in your celebrations by accident. It might be a song that happened to be playing when you found out you were going to have your first child, or the night you got engaged. It might be a song you remember from your first date.

Other times, such as with Happy Birthday or Christmas carols, they are songs that were intentionally written to celebrate momentous occasions, songs where the words allow us to express the joyful emotions inside of us. Whether you are singing, playing an instrument, or just listening to someone else sing, they can evoke many emotions and make connections in your mind as you celebrate. 

How Do We Use Songs

What songs do you use to celebrate? Do you like to sing or do you prefer to listen to others as they sing?

 I had written several hymn studies and other musical appreciation posts that I will link in the resources below if you are looking to add some songs to your December celebrations. Do not forget to click on the link below and check out all of the wonderful posts from other Review Crew members and see how they celebrate with songs.

Celebrating with Songs Resources

We Three Kings Hymn Study and Copywork

December Hymn Study: O Holy Night

Christmas Music Appreciation Resources

Celebrating with Songs Link Up

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8 thoughts on “Celebrating with Songs

  1. I totally agree. Certain songs go with certain memories. When I hear a song from the past that has special meaning to me, I love to share it with my family. I hope that it helps keep memories alive of loved ones or special times together.


  2. Music has such a wonderful ability to connect with us. I tend to listen to all different types of music (except country–my husband likes it but I just can’t do it 🙂 ). My kids can be seen dancing and singing to classical, classic rock, Christian, and world music. When I listen to some music from the 90’s it reminds me of the summers I spend with my Aunt. I am thankful for those wonderful memories. (Sorry for starting to go off on a tangent with this comment).


    1. I love that your family also listens to such a variety of music. It is wonderful how it can connect us with those memories.


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