Reading Eggs Kindergarten Math Skills (Review)

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If you are like me, when you hear the name Reading Eggs you think of reading, but this great program has come out with some wonderful math resources as well. I recently had the opportunity to review one of their new workbooks: 200 Essential Math Skills for Kindergarten. My five-year-old started ‘kindergarten’ a few days ago, and I thought it was a great book for him to try.

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Each lesson in the book was four pages long and had about 8-10 questions/activities for him to work through. This included items like matching, tracing, drawing, coloring, and writing numbers. The book begins by covering numbers, colors, and shapes. Later it covers time, patterns, adding, three-dimensional shapes, and more.   After every five lessons, there is a quiz to review what was learned, an achievement certificate, and some fun activities such as color by number that they can complete. If you pair the workbook with the online program, there is a spot to mark at the end of each lesson showing what you did online. The programs pair well together; however, this book can also be used as a stand-alone program.

He was excited to receive it in the mail and wanted to get started right away. He enjoyed most of the activities and could normally complete a lesson in one session. A few of them were taking him longer, and we broke them into two sessions. The book is broken up into 50 lessons with an additional 10 quizzes, which means that for a traditional 36-week school year, you have to complete less than two lessons each week to finish the program. This gives you lots of flexibility to let them work at their own pace. He was learning and mastering the lessons well, except that he struggled a little bit with the number and color words. I felt like this was a good concept to be introduced to, but since he was a little young to expect mastery, we just let him work through those parts as he could and move on. He mastered writing the numbers and making the shapes without any problems.

I loved that it was colorful and engaging. I also found that having it in a book like that, as opposed to on the computer or something with many parts and pieces, made it very easy to do math wherever we were. We started the book towards the end of the summer before we started our regular school year. Since it was only taking him a few minutes a day to complete a lesson, he was happy to work on it three to four days a week. We had a couple weeks of family visiting and spending time on the river planned. He could bring it with him and work on it while he rested in the afternoons. Once we came home and started our school year, he has been completing half a lesson to a full lesson each day at his desk.


In addition to 200 Essential Math Skills for Kindergarten the Crew reviewed a variety of other grade levels as well as their reading workbooks, so even if you don’t have a kindergarten student be sure to click the graphic below and check out the other Crew Reviews. In addition, Reading Eggs is generously giving all of my readers a four-week free trial of their online program.

240 Essential Reading Skills & 200 Essential Math Skills  {Reading Eggs Reviews}

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