The First North Carolinians: Resources for Early North Carolina History

When I say the first North Carolinians, who comes to mind? Are you thinking of the Lost Colony? We will get to the Lost Colony soon, but this month we are talking about tho.

We will work through North Carolina’s History and geography throughout the year. Each month I will share some resources specific to the topics and time periods we are studying that month. I also have a more comprehensive list of North Carolina history resources that I continually update as I find new resources.

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As we delve into North Carolina history this month, we will begin by studying the American Indians of North Carolina. I am excited about this study because I know very little of my ancestry, but the little I know traces my roots back to the Tuscarora Indians of North Carolina.

We started our study by watching North Carolina American Indians Live! as a family.  This very educational film shared the historic lives of American Indians and their modern-day lives. It helps to dispel some myths about modern-day American Indians. Next, we plan to check out the Pepsi Regional History Center.

Over the next several weeks, we plan to try out some of the recipes and read the book If You Lived with the Cherokee together. My son will be researching a tribe or aspect of the life of the American Indians in pre-colonial North Carolina and presenting it to us as a family. He will complete a stop-motion video to accompany his project if time allows.

My daughter will be completing the American Heritage Girl badge on Native Americans, focusing on those in North Carolina.

While I do not think we will make it to Town Creek or Cherokee this month, I hope we can travel to at least one of those locations before our study of North Carolina history is complete. They offer wonderful resources to better help us understand those native tribes.

If you have a tribe near you, many of them offer festive and educational events that are open to the public. You can learn more about their ancestors and their current traditions.

I encourage you to check out some of the wonderful resources I have found below (many of which are free) and tell me in the comments what resources you use to learn about American Indians.  Don’t forget to check back next month for resources on The Lost Colony through the early colonial era.

North Carolina American Indian Resources


If You Lived with the Cherokee

The First Strawberries: (A Cherokee Tale)

Soft Rain (Trail of Tears)

Only the Names Remain (Trail of Tears)

Native Carolinians


North Carolina American Indians Live!

American Indians in North Carolina (distance learning class)


North Carolina American Indian Educational Resources

NCpedia (An online encyclopedia of all things North Carolina)

The Tuscarora

American Indian Timeline

Field Trips:

Pepsi Regional History Center

Town Creek Indian Mound

North Carolina Museum of History


Museum of the Cherokee Indian

Roanoke Island Festival Park

Trail of Tears National Historic Trail


Cherokee Favorites

United Cherokee Nation Recipes

American Indian Food

Corn Soup

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Resource Library 

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