Do What You Can, When You Can

Years ago, I learned a lesson from FlyLady that made a huge difference in my ability to keep the house reasonably clean ( with four kids it is never perfect). I learned that I even if I didn’t have the time to do things perfectly, I needed to do what I could with the time I had. For example, I might not have time to deep clean my entire bathroom in the morning but instead of doing nothing I can do a quick clean of the toilet and wipe down the counters. This concept was so beneficial for my home, but it took me several more years to realize that I needed to apply the same concept to our home school and family activities.

Do What You Can Pinterest

For a long time, I would get frustrated when I didn’t feel like I had time to complete all of the fun activities that I had found. Sometimes I would start out strong and then life would happen and we would get behind on our Advent projects or our read alouds. Sometimes I would try to catch up, but often I would get so frustrated that I just didn’t do anything.

Over the last couple of years, I have been working towards doing what I can, when I can. In other words, using the time that I do have to the best of my ability and not quitting just because I can’t do it perfectly. This might mean shortening a lesson or even skipping a day but continuing to try because, I know that we will gain so much more by doing what we can.  This might look like only getting to 15 days of our Advent study (but that is a lot better than quitting after 2 or 3 because we missed a day) or reading only part of a picture book before we have to move onto something different.

As I was writing this post this week, I had an opportunity to live out what I am sharing. On Thursday, I was sick with some gallbladder issues and accomplished nothing more than sitting in my recliner with a heating pad and checking a few of my son’s math problems. We didn’t listen to our music, we didn’t read a Christmas book, we didn’t do our Advent study. I could have easily let that derail my plans but I made a conscious choice to just keep going. We can skip that day of music, read an extra book today and pick up where we left off with our Advent study.

Don’t let what didn’t get done ruin your day or your week. Don’t not do what you can because you can’t do it all. I pray that during this busy holiday season and throughout your school year, you are able to do what you can and let go of what you can’t. That instead of letting a missed day (or week) stop you from doing anything you just keep going. When we focus on what we can and did do instead of what we didn’t it can turn our home school day around and set us back on the right track.

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