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I love traditions! We have traditions for holidays, traditions for weather events (snow and hurricanes), but today I want to talk about traditions for ‘back to school’.

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First, I want to clear up a common misconception about traditions. I often hear people talk about being overwhelmed by the prospect of having so many traditions because they feel like it is a lot of work or that traditions need to be big and elaborate events. While this may be true with some, it does not have to be! Most of our traditions are quite simple and were often created to make life easier. For example, when there is a hurricane foretasted we make rice krispie treats to have for breakfast.  This started because I wanted something fun and easy for breakfast that would not need any electricity. So, someone takes five minutes the day before the storm and whips up a batch to eat the next morning.  Breakfast solved!  It brings excitement and familiarity to a time that could otherwise be a bit scary.


We have four simple traditions that my children have come to expect when it’s time for ‘back to school’. First, in addition to whatever curriculum we need, they all get some basic back to school supplies. There is nothing like a box of fresh pencils and new crayons or markers to help us get excited for the new year. This time of year is a great time to buy all your school supplies for the year (and pick up a bit extra for Operation Christmas Child boxes) because they are on sale at some of the cheapest prices we normally see all year.

Second, while our family does a sit down breakfast most every morning, we almost always have chocolate chip pancakes and bacon on the first day of school. It is the breakfast that everyone loves and it makes for a tasty start to the day.  While we are talking about food, we also take each child out on a special date before kindergarten. We started this with my oldest the week he started public school kindergarten but have continued it with our other children after we started homeschooling. They get to pick the restaurant and it is a great chance for us to spend some special time with them and talk about how proud we are of how they are growing up.

Third, I need those back to school pictures, even though they aren’t really going to a different place. I love being able to look back through the years and see how the children have grown from the beginning of each year. I simply print off sheets that say First Day Of ____ Grade and have them hold the papers for an assortment of pictures before we start our lessons.

Finally, we start the day after Labor Day. We enjoy spending time swimming and playing at the river each summer and didn’t want to cut that time short. We also generally have the opportunity to spend some time with family towards the end of August, so it works well for us to hold off our start date. The children love that they get to wait and get in that last bit of summer fun before settling down to the books.

Remember that traditions should be a fun way to make memories together. They do not need to be difficult or stressful. It is also important to remember that they can change and that is okay. For example, this year my younger children are still starting back after Labor Day, but in order to make my high school student’s schedule work better he is going to begin some of his courses the week before Labor Day.

I would love to hear about some of your home school traditions. Tell me about them in the comments.

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10 thoughts on “Back To School Traditions Blog Hop

  1. Chocolate Chip pancakes sound yummy! We also do photos for our kids. Ordinarily we start after Labor Day but with Labor Day so late this year, our teen will start the week before.


  2. Chocolate Chip pancakes are a favorite breakfast food here. This year was the first year we took pictures of the kids with what homeschool year they are in, I kind of dropped the ball on that one over the years.


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