Must Have Supplies… For Mom Back to School Blog Hop

Today’s blog hop theme was must have resources or supplies.  My first thought was all of our basic supplies and a couple years ago I shared a post that talked Friday Favorites: My 5 Must Have Supplies That You Might Not Think About. Today, I decided I wanted to share about my must have supplies for moms.

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First, chocolate or whatever treat is your favorite. Homeschooling is a worthwhile job that has many blessings, however, it also comes with its share of challenges and hard days. A little chocolate can lift your mood and give you the energy you need to keep going on the hard days.

2020 books mom


Second, encouraging books to give you ideas and support. What each mom finds encouraging will vary a bit but I tend to gravitate towards those that offer ideals and support, not necessarily curriculum advice. Some of my favorite encouraging books are Read Aloud Family by Sarah Mackenzie, The Lifegiving Table and The Lifegiving Home by Sally Clarkson, and Better Together by Pam Barnhill. I am also currently reading Awaking Wonder by Sally Clarkson and have really enjoyed what I have read so far.

Third, a pretty blank notebook to jot down notes, keep track of ideas, and make plans. Some would say that it doesn’t have to be pretty and it may not matter to you. However, I have found that having it be a pretty notebook can bring an extra smile to my face on a challenging day.  Being a mother means lots of different thoughts to keep up with, and when you add in homeschooling it just gets more challenging. Having a notebook where everything is written down can make it much easier to keep track of everything.


Finally, a few friends that can support you. This challenging but amazing journey is so much better when you have friends that can encourage you and help you through the tough days. Whenever possible, I highly recommend finding a few local friends. Families with whom you can share park days, field trips, and moms night out. However, if you are struggling to find that connection because of the current pandemic or because there are not a lot of homeschoolers in your area, join a homeschool Facebook group that is encouraging and uplifting.

Annual NOT Back to School Blog Hop 2020


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