Musik At Home Membership (Review)

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Most of the product reviews I share with you are products that were new to me at the beginning of the review period; however, our family has been using the Musik at Home Membership for almost a year!  Since we found it, we have really enjoyed the Musik at Home Membership and I am excited to share more about it with you.

The main courses are broken down by age level. The Musik at Home Membership has the Family Music for Babies and Toddlers course for ages Infant to 24 months, Family Music for Mixed Ages (Ages 1-5), Family Music for Preschoolers (Ages 3-5), and Family Music for Ages 4-7.  Each course has 6-9 full length classes (about 15-25 minutes long) as well as some bonus two to three minute activities. In addition, there are short one to three minute videos of each activity that are broken down by type of activity. For example, the activities that use rhythm instruments, dancing activities, singing games, etc.  Also, coming on October 23, is a Christmas music course. We love Christmas music in our house and I am super excited to try that one with my boys.

These courses are very low prep for the parent. We keep a small container of supplies (scarves, rhythm sticks, and shakers) beside the television so that anytime we want to do a class they are ready. Then all I have to do is turn on the videos and follow her directions. I started using only supplies we had in the house and it was fine, but I did later purchase a set of rhythm sticks for that portion (though pencils or sticks from outside will work).

Each class contains multiple different activities that help to keep young children engaged. There are songs to sing, dances and movements to follow, call and repeat activities and more. We did some classes from the babies and Toddlers course with my two year old and enjoyed them, but the family favorite was the Family Music for Mixed Ages. I would often do those with both the two-year-old and the six-year-old. They had more of the musical instrument components which were definitely the favorite part for my six-year-old. 

Most of the time, I use our Musik at Home Membership as a chance for me to slow down and focus on my younger children. We get to sing and dance together and enjoy the time. This is the way the program was designed to work and it works well. However, mom to mom, I need to admit that sometimes when life is crazy I just turn on one of the classes and let them enjoy it all on their own. While they get more out of it when we do it together, it is also a great way to keep them safely occupied for a few minutes while I get dinner going, send a few e-mails, or sit down and breath after a long day.

Overall, we really enjoy our Musik at Home Membership. I love that it gives me an easy way to connect and engage with my toddler. It gets us moving and helps him begin to learn about music. I recommend this program for any parent of young children (babies through early elementary school) that wants to teach their child more about music or wants a fun way they can connect and learn together. While we focused on the classes for children that were toddlers and older, other families focused on other courses. Make sure to check out the other reviews from the Review Crew by clicking on the graphic below.

Musik at Home Membership {Musik at Home Reviews}

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