Thinkwell’s Instructor Led Geometry (Review)

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6/17/22 Update:

We are continuing to use Thinkwell and love the program! We have started using their regular student courses that we work through at our own pace and adding in live office hours during the months he needs extra help! You can use the links in this post to get 15% off your purchase of a Thinkwell course!

Math has been a bit of a challenge in our homeschool for the last several years. As my son has reached high school level math, he needed more and more help. The increasingly complex maths, which I hadn’t really used in quite a while, were a big challenge to jump back into. So, I couldn’t always remember how to help him. My husband is a huge help in this area, but couldn’t always stop work to help during our normal school time, and more and more often he was having to do extensive review to be able to help out. It was also causing some friction in our relationship because while my son does well in math, he does not enjoy it. Based on those struggles, I was very happy to try out THINKWELL’S INSTRUCTOR-LED GEOMETRY from Thinkwell Homeschool.

My son was not planning to start geometry until the spring semester, so I allowed him to decide if he wanted to take the review. However, he recognized the math struggles we had been having and was excited to try out this instructor-led course. The basic set-up for this course is that each week he receives an e-mail with links and instructions. The lessons are done via a pre-recorded video and he completes work using Thinkwell’s website, which is then automatically graded. When a question in the practice is answered incorrectly, the student is shown detailed instructions for getting the correct answer. I appreciated this rapid and specific feedback. My son also specifically liked that the videos were broken down into shorter chunks and not one long video.

There are also some additional worksheets and practice work that he can complete if he is struggling. Where this program is different than many online programs, is the instructor office hours feature. Each week he has two opportunities to log in via zoom and get help directly from his instructor.

The course has set weeks for work with scheduled holidays and breaks, however, as long as you have finished within one week after the scheduled end date there is no penalty for working at a different pace. This was a benefit to us because we had already scheduled a different fall break.

Geometry seems to be easier for my son than algebra, so he has not needed help from his instructor. However, he has logged into the office hours just to make sure he understood the process. It was very simple to log in and the instructor was happy to explain the process and talk about what to expect. He is completing his week’s work in about 3 hours, spread over several days. This may get a bit longer as the difficulty of the work increases.

As a parent, I appreciate that other than checking in to make sure my son was completing his work, I could be very hands-off. It’s a complete course bundle, necessitating very little parent involvement. Each week I received a copy of the e-mail that shared what the assignments were and I could go in to check on his quiz and test grades, which does allow for nearly immediate feedback. We are working on week six of the course and are scheduled to get his first progress report e-mailed to us next week.

Overall, due to the direct availability of the instructor, these courses are more expensive than most of the courses that our family uses. However, we felt that it was a great program and my son is doing math without any fighting or struggle! For a student that needs some extra help or support, a busy working parent, or a parent that doesn’t feel comfortable helping with upper-level math courses this can be a great program. In addition to the THINKWELL’S INSTRUCTOR-LED GEOMETRY course, other Review Crew members reviewed THINKWELL’S INSTRUCTOR-LED ALGEBRA 1 and THINKWELL’S INSTRUCTOR-LED ALGEBRA 2. Be sure to click on the graphic below to check out the other Review Crew reviews.

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