9th Grade Curriculum Choices 2022-23

My daughter is starting her first year of high school this year. I think it will be a great year, but she is a little nervous. Since she is my second high schooler, it does not feel as daunting.

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She will take a couple of classes with her older brother and others independently.

Together Courses


For chemistry, we are using Journey Homeschool Academy. We LOVED their biology program and are very excited about the chemistry course. Both of my high school students will be working through this course, and they will be able to watch the videos together or separately. Each will do their own tests and quizzes, but we will do lab work together.

We love how thorough but relatable Journey Homeschool makes their courses and the fact that they are presented from a Christian worldview.

I am super excited that they even have homework help videos added this year because it has been a long time since I last took chemistry.

American Literature

This year my son and daughter are each picking several books from American authors, and my husband and I are also picking several. When possible, we will find correlating movies. We will all four read the book and then have a family discussion. When there is a movie that correlates, we will watch it and have them make a Venn diagram comparing the two.

We are excited about this relaxed approach to American literature. We hope it helps renew their natural love of reading while exposing them to various authors and facilitating good family discussions.

American Government

We have already started the American Government course as it was a recent review from Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum. We will do their Principles and Precepts of Government along with a video series. We have enjoyed the first part of the curriculum and are looking forward to finishing it.

Independent Courses


My daughter spent her summer babysitting and selling lotion bars and sugar scrubs because she wanted to buy a new to her, nicer camera. We are doing this fun photography elective from SchoolhouseTeachers.com to help her grow her photography skills (you can use a more basic camera for the course; she just wanted to buy a nicer one). I am excited to be able to combine her interests with her schoolwork.


This spring, we had the opportunity to review Dynamic Christian Living from Positive Action Bible Curriculum. My daughter enjoys it and plans to continue working through it this year.

Culinary Arts

This spring, she is going to be taking culinary arts. My husband helped me create a culinary arts course for my son last year, and it uses episodes of Good Eats, worksheets, and other materials we created to give a well-rounded class.

We will use mostly the same course but add more baking because my daughter is interested in baking bread and desserts. She did her 4-H presentation this year on baking bread and won gold at the state level.


*updated 8/17/22

Through no fault of my daughter, she is needing to switch geometry programs. We are looking at using either CTC Math or Thinkwell. I will update once we have decided. If we go with thinkwell we will use the self-paced courses, but we like the option for additional tutoring if needed. However, she did well with CTC Algebra last year.

Cover Story

Cover Story is a writing program that works on different writing skills while helping students create the content for their own magazines. This was another excellent review product that we started over the summer. She is taking a break from all school this month but will return to it in September.


Music is my daughter’s passion, and she is excited to continue her music lessons. Her goal is to one day be able to go to college for music. She will take piano and violin lessons from Practice Monkeys, and I will also include some music appreciation with these Fine Arts Lessons from You Are An Artist.

She is excited to get high school credit for lessons and practice she was already planning to do for personal enrichment.

Morning Time

She will still be doing morning time with us as a family. We will be doing some fine arts together as well as hymn studies.

We will continue to use World Watch in the mornings as a family to discuss current events and family devotions.

You can check out what we have used for other grades, and stay tuned to see what we are doing with my third grader and preschooler!

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