CTC Math Algebra (Review)

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.


When my children were in early elementary school, I loved teaching them math. We would break out the manipulatives and had so much fun learning to count, measure, add and subtract. However, I realized that I really did not enjoy teaching math once we reached pre-algebra and I needed to find online classes for the upper-level math courses. My daughter is going into Algebra I thinks year and excited to try CTCMath.

She started about a month ago with the pre-algebra review portion of the algebra course. One of the first things that we noticed was that she was able to take a pretest on the different review sections and test out of the portions she where she was already proficient.

CTCMath Example Problem

She really appreciated this because she was able to skip a section of the review and not feel like she was wasting time going through lessons in which she was already proficient.

Each lesson included video instruction, digital questions, and an additional worksheet with more problems. Those could be completed and checked online. I chose to have her complete the video instruction and digital questions for each section. I did not require the extra worksheet unless she was struggling with a topic and needed additional practice.

CTCMath Score Report

From the parent dashboard, I could have gone in and assigned her specific lessons to complete. However, I chose to just let her begin at the first lesson and work her way through, skipping what she could with the diagnostic tests. This made it very open and go from a parent perspective.

My daughter said, “I liked the program, it made sense. It gave me questions to answer. I didn’t like that there was no review in the questions that were asked and there were no second chances. If you went back and redid a lesson it averaged the two instead of giving the higher score.” She did not like that, ” When I got it wrong it told me it was wrong but did not show me what I did wrong.”

When I asked my daughter what students she thought this program would work well for she said, ” This program is good for students that like to work independently.”

While we did the Algebra course, CTCMath starts in kindergarten and goes all the way through high school level math. This makes it ideal for families that want to use the same program all the way through or for all of the children in your family. The parent dashboard would make it very easy to keep track of multiple students progress.

Overall, while I wish there was a little more feedback on incorrect responses and more review woven into the daily lessons, we liked this math program. My daughter has decided to continue to use it in the fall for the rest of her Algebra I course. I encourage you to check it out at CTCMath and also to click on the link below to see what other Crew Members thought about the levels they reviewed.

Online Homeschool Math with CTCMath

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