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As an adult, it can feel overwhelming to wade through the news and figure out what is true. There is so much agenda and politicization in the news. If I sit and watch (or read) too much of the news, I end up sad and frustrated. When I think about those things, it is easy for me to want to shield my children from the news. However, I know that I need to teach them to be aware but discerning. That is why we were excited to share with you this review of WORLD Watch.

I want to be able to help my children learn to understand the world around them, stay informed on current events, and yet not get bogged down in the negativity and politicization of the mainstream news. I also want to help protect them from some of the inappropriate or adult material that is shown in mainstream news.

We have been using WORLD Watch since February and it has been really helpful in keeping our teens informed of current events, starting good family discussions, and bringing a Christian perspective to news coverage.

Using WORLD Watch

Each weekday, my children get to watch a news video that covers various current events from around the world. The video is only about 10 minutes long but it gives them good exposure to a variety of news. Most of the episodes would be appropriate for any age student, but occasionally there will be a warning about more mature content. Those episodes are still very tastefully done, but it allows you to decide what your children are ready to see and hear.

For our family, all of the episodes we have watched have been appropriate for my teens, but there are a few that I would not show to my seven-year-old because they discuss topics that he is not yet ready to handle.

Over the summer my children voluntarily made time in their day to watch during their free time. They enjoyed knowing what was happening in the world and thought that the episodes were both interesting and informative. They would often discuss what they saw with us or ask questions about different topics. It was a great conversation starter.

As we have started back to school for the fall, I have decided to include World Watch in our morning time routine. This will allow us all to watch it together and discuss it then. It will also allow me to include my seven-year-old more often since he does not access the computer independently.

Program Overview

During each ten-minute episode, there are several different stories, some very serious and some more fun and interesting. We have seen news on Hurricane Ida, the end of the war in Afghanistan, the Paralympics, the migration of the monarch butterflies, and more. There was even an episode on Hobbit houses, that might have been the family favorite.

Our Opinions

Overall, both of my teens highly recommend this news program and want to keep using it. They recommended it for middle and high school specifically but I think with guidance and discussion it could also be used with elementary students.  

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to include current events and news in your homeschool and you value a Christian worldview, this is a great program. I love that my teens could do it independently but it was also easy for us to use as a family.

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