Dynamic Christian Living Positive Action Bible Curriculum (Review)

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Positive Action Bible Curriculum

My daughter enjoyed her Bible curriculum on Proverbs from Positive Action Bible Curriculum last year; therefore, I was excited for the opportunity to review another one of their selections. We reviewed Dynamic Christian Living, designed for middle and high school students.

What is Dynamic Christian Living?

We received the student book and teacher’s manual for Dynamic Christian Living. This curriculum covers basic Christian doctrine, salvation, the study of the Bible, and the power of prayer. The student book was a 271-page paperback workbook and the teacher’s manual was enclosed in a three-ring binder. The manual was organized with tabs into teaching material, testing material, and the answer key.

Each week there is a guided lesson for the parent or teacher to do with the student. The teacher would teach the lesson and the student would complete a guided notes page in the student manual. Then there is work in the student book for the student to complete independently. It took my daughter about an hour to ninety minutes each week to complete the lesson.

Sample Student Page

There are 35 lessons in the book, which works out to one lesson per week for most students.
The manual also includes tests and quizzes that we could use for student evaluation. There is an optional scripture memorization plan as well, but we chose not to use that memorization plan since my daughter already does other scripture memorization.

Positive Action Bible Curriculum Daily Christian Living

What is Included in the Content?

  • Unit 1: Birth (Salvation)
  • Unit 2: Growth (The Bible)
  • Unit 3: Breath (Prayer)
  • Unit 4: Communication (Witnessing, Sin, Questions)
  • Unit 5: Behavior (Living a Godly Life)

What Did My Daughter Think About Daily Christian Living?

“I have enjoyed working on this bible study. So far, it has talked about salvation, faith, grace, and a few other words relating to those topics. It has me read a section from the Bible, answer questions, and it explains some of what I read and helps to tie it into the word we are discussing.
While I have learned from this study, it would make an excellent curriculum for someone who didn’t know how to be saved.” Elizabeth, 14

What Did I think?

Student Book and Teachers Manual

Overall, we like this program. I love that it is set up to allow me to stay involved but also has students work through some of it independently.

I appreciate that it is more than surface-level devotionals or character education.

I did feel like they underemphasized baptism when they discussed the process of salvation and receiving the Holy Spirit. Otherwise, I was pleased with the theology and thought it was Biblically accurate. Since the parent is involved in the lesson, it allows me to continue to monitor the theology to make sure it aligns and facilitates any necessary conversations about Biblical interpretation.

We plan to have her continue to use this program and believe that it will help her in her Biblical foundation. While some of the first chapters were mostly review for her because of her spiritual maturity, I believe that the three units she has left will help her continue to grow.

Inside of Student Book

I encourage you to click on the graphic below to see what other families thought about Dynamic Christian Living and several other selections from Positive Action Bible Curriculum.

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