LeapStart Learning Success Bundle (Review)

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Our most recent review gave my four-year-old a chance to get in on the action. We received the LeapStart® Learning Success Bundle™ from LeapFrog. This kit included the LeapStart Learning Success learning system and two books.  

What is the LeapStart® Learning Success Bundle™?

The books had activities for various ages, from preschool through first grade.

The system operates on two AA batteries and is lightweight and portable. It works great for using at home or when traveling.

In addition to the books that came with the bundle, various additional books are available to purchase separately. You can find a book based on age (from two to eight) or skill and subject. You can choose from math, reading, science, creativity, and more.

The price is reasonable, with the set being less than $50 and additional books being under $10.

When you purchase additional books, you have to connect the device to your computer with the USB cord (provided with the set.) This allows you to download the audio for that particular book onto your learning system.

How to Use the LeapStart Learning Success Bundle

Once you download the audio and your learning system has batteries, you are ready to get started. Simply open the device and place the book that you wish to try. Then press the power button to get started. The child can use the attached stylus to press on different parts of the page.

There are options for activities, more advanced activities, and more information on each page. When the child presses the stylus down on different pictures, the book will tell them about the images or ask them to find certain things.

For example, one of the pages of the included book has lots of animals. My son could press on any animal, and it would give him the name and sound. He could also push the activity button, and it would ask him to find specific animals.

How Did We Use the System?

We do not do any formal schooling with my four-year-old, but he loves to learn and often asks to ‘do school’ while I am working on schoolwork with my older children.

This program was perfect for him to use during our school time. Once I took a few minutes to show him how it worked, he could use it independently. It introduced and reviewed key concepts such as letters, shapes, numbers, animals, etc.

It met another important criterion for me; it allowed him to learn through play! He was able to play and explore the different pages of the book without having to go in order or meet any objectives.

Our Opinions


My son enjoyed this set, and he would often reach for it and play it on his own time. I could also give it to him to keep him occupied during school time with the older children.

I think LeapStart® Learning Success Bundle™is a fun toy with many educational benefits, and we will continue to use it as an educational supplement.

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