Drive Thru History Bible Unearthed (Review)

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

At this point, I do not even need to ask my children if they want to review a Drive Thru History® Adventures product. They are an automatic yes, because they enjoy them so much. So, when we had a chance to check out their newest program, Bible Unearthed, everyone was on board. They could not wait to see what new adventures awaited them with Dave Stotts.

When we started watching this newest series, Bible Unearthed, we quickly realized that there were some similarities to other Drive Thru History programs, but this one was different from all the rest. While most of the other shows involve Dave traveling to various locations, this program is mostly done with Dave and two other gentleman, Titus Kennedy, PhD and Drive Thru History writer Randall Niles, sitting around a table looking at artifacts instead of locations.

Each lesson of this course includes a video, scriptural reading, further information and pictures, a worksheet to complete, and articles you can read to dig deeper into the subject matter. Most also include an option activity. For example, they suggest finding an ancient Biblical text on the internet and trying to copy it. Then have someone else check for the mistakes. This would help the students understand the care and concentration needed by ancient scribes.  The worksheets each contain five discussion questions. They also include an answer key to the worksheet (and all the busy moms rejoice).

The videos in this course could stand alone for middle grades students or if you just wanted a basic understanding of archeology. However, the additional reading and materials help to make it a more complete high school level course. The course begins with a discussion of what archaeology means and then goes on through the impacts of archaeology, life of an archaeologist, current happenings in archeology, and more.

Since we did not need the program as an actual high school credit, we decided to watch the videos together as a family and use the worksheets as discussion guides. As we continue working through the course we may also incorporate a few of the option activities. I really appreciate the flexibility of the program.

Overall, I think that Bible Unearthed like all of the Drive Thru History® Adventures is a quality production with a lot of educational value. If your children are interested in archeology or you want to give them a good basic foundation in archeology to go along with your history, this is a great program. We found that the videos were not as entertaining as the other Drive Thru History® Adventures but they are certainly not boring lectures. My children were happy to watch them as a part of school, but unlike Drive Thru History® “Acts to Revelation” ( Review) or Drive Thru History Review did not ask to watch them for pleasure. I would recommend these for students in middle or high school.

Take a look at all of the wonderful courses offered by  Drive Thru History® Adventures and make sure to click on the graphic below to see how other Review Crew families used Bible Unearthed in their homes.

Bible Unearthed {Drive Thru History® Adventures Reviews}

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