Staying Cool in the Summer Heat

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The ‘dog days’ of summer have arrived. Tomorrow’s forecast has us at a high of 96 degrees with the humidity at 91%. This means it is hot and muggy outside. Some days that means we spend a bit more time inside, but whenever possible I still like the children to spend at least a few hours a day outside.

To stay cool in the heat, we have to be creative. I wanted to share a few of the ideas that we have used to stay cool on these hot summer days and still let the children get outside and burn off their energy.


Before last year, we did not have a pool but we still wanted to use water to keep us cool. When possible we would go spend time at the river. This allowed us to cool off in the water, but also the air temperature around the water is naturally cooler than the temperature a little further inland. So even if I wasn’t in the water, it did not feel as hot outside.

However, many days the river just wasn’t an option. So we got creative at home. We have used water tables, splash pads, and sprinklers to cool off and enjoy a bit of time outside. Of course, no summer in our family is complete without some slip n slide fun!

Our Summer Bucket List! (Free Printable) has additional water fun ideas, as does Our Summer Bucket.

Frozen Treats

We love to eat something cool when it is hot outside. Ice cream is always a big hit, but that can get expensive and has lots of calories. However, we have found popsicles to be a great compromise. Sometimes I buy the natural popsicles from the store, but we often make our own. This allows us to lower the sugar content and make them mostly fruit, yogurt, or juice.

I always loved the little freeze pops growing up, but my son could not eat them because of the food dyes. A couple of years ago we found these reusable tubes to make our own. We enjoyed them, but if you want to make it even easier I have found dye-free freeze pops. This year I found these yummy freezer pops from Juicy Juice that have no dyes in them. They taste great and you can even save on them by adding them to your Amazon subscribe and save.

Fans and Shades

Truthfully, I am generally more sensitive to the heat than my children. My boys would play for hours but I don’t always want to sit out there with them and sweat. My husband has helped me come up with a few solutions that keep me a bit cooler while they are playing.

First, we have an outdoor ceiling fan on our front porch. Honestly, I was a bit skeptical about how much difference it would make but I was wrong. It makes sitting on the porch so much more pleasant during these hot days. I can sit and read while the children play in the front yard. It is like always having a nice cool breeze.

This is the sunshade in the goat enclosure.

Second, we found these great sunshades and put one up over the playset. The shade lets me sit or play with the children and still have protection from the sun. In addition to making it a bit cooler, it also provides some protection from sunburn. the shades come in different shapes and sizes to fit your area. We have one over the playset and on for our goats in their pen.


All in all, the days are long and a bit hot, but there are plenty of ways to cool down and still enjoy time outside as a family. The more time my young children spend outside, the better their attitudes, the cleaner my house (less time for them to make a mess), and the healthier we all tend to be. I am grateful for the chance to cool off and spend time playing with them outside.

How hot is it where you live? How do you cool off in the summer? You can click the graphic below to see how other Crew Members are staying cool this summer.

July 2021 Social Media Challenge Graphic

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