Proactive Perimenopause Fit2B Course (Review)

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Almost all of the reviews that we do on the blog revolve around homeschool curriculum, but sometimes I like to branch out and review products that are focused on moms. Today, I have the privilege of telling you all about Fit2B’s new Proactive Perimenopause course. And, while you’re never supposed to ask a woman her age…it is a real thing that ladies between 35 and 50 have to face.

This course is a series of lessons that include blog posts, instructional videos, and even workouts. They are designed to help you understand perimenopause and to give you strategies and information that will help you go through it with strength and function.

I have been enjoying working my way through this course. There is so much wonderful information and it is done in a way that makes it very easy to skip to the sections that I am most interested in and to start and stop as needed. As a busy mom of four children, that is really important for me.

The course is divided into the following sections:


This section includes 10 different workouts to help you get strong or stay strong. The workouts align well with the content of the course and give you options for getting started at an easy pace and working your way up to more challenging workouts.


This section features Kelly Dean from the Tummy Team. I have had wonderful experiences with online Rehab from the Tummy Team and highly recommend their programs. In this course she does not go into a lot of rehab specifics but talks about why you might need rehab or prehab (work to strengthen yourself now before the effects of menopause and aging). She has lots of great information and some recommendations for workouts and other resources to help.

Fitness Over 40

I absolutely love this section because Beth takes the time to dispel many myths about fitness and aging. She talks about how fitness can help you, things you can do as you get older to continue to stay strong and functional. My favorite quote from this section is, “You need to eat and exercise to be strong and sturdy and confident in your own skin, because we can’t afford to set any other kind of example for the next generations.”

I want to stay strong and active and set a good example for my children. I want to be able to hike with them and play with my grandchildren one day. I love that this section gives me fitness strategies to make sure that I can do those things.

Skin and Scars

Confession: I have not spent a lot of time taking care of my skin. I know that I should do more, but I just use sunscreen at the beach and do a basic face wash. I am excited to learn more about how I can care for my skin as I age in this segment. I want to be able to feel good in my skin without spending hours with special creams and potions. I love that her tips focus on healthy skin and not just appearance

Fighting Foods

I have not finished this section, but I am excited about it. I have been working hard to lose a bit of extra weight and increase my health over the last few months. I have been talking to my husband about how much more challenging it is now that I am older. When I was in my twenties, I could easily modify my diet for a bit and add in some extra workouts and any extra weight seemed to just melt away.

As I approach forty in a couple months, that is no longer the case. As I looked over this section of the course I was pleased to see good content on fats and carbs that was balanced and did not go to extremes one way or the other (which seems to be the trend lately).

This section focuses on good nutrition for balancing hormones and being healthy after 40. I really appreciate the part on balancing hormones because that has been something I have been trying to work through prior to this course.

Spiritual Self- Care

This section is a blog post full of ideas about how to work in spiritual self-care during busy and challenging times. I really appreciated that it was simple ideas that do not take lots of time or money to implement.

Difficult Diagnosis

While we all hope that we won’t face a difficult diagnosis, it is always good to have resources and strategies to help us face it if we do.  This lesson covers building a support team, advocating for your health care, and self-care during/after a difficult diagnosis.

Knowing What’s Normal

One of the things I have learned from Beth at Fit2B through the years is that just because something is common, does not mean it is normal. In other words, just because many women experience a problem, it does not mean that it is normal and you just have to live with it. Often things that are considered ‘normal’, like bladder leakage, are common but not normal and can be corrected with rehab or exercise.

This section helps us to understand what is normal and what is common but not normal. It also includes strategies and information to help us to overcome those symptoms that are not normal.

Managing Mood and Motivation

This section is one that I am really looking forward to digging into. I know that this is an area where I need some work and I am excited to have some strategies to help. I also really appreciate that they go into some of the physiology behind the changes to help understand why our moods and motivation are affected.

It is really important to me that I work through the challenges with my mood and motivation so that I can be the best mom, wife, friend, etc that I can be to all of those that I care about. I feel like this section will help me work through some of those issues.

Proactive Pelvic Floor

This section is done by a pelvic floor therapist who does a great job explaining the function of the pelvic floor, symptoms that show problems with the pelvic floor, and strategies for strengthening the pelvic floor.

This really goes well with the knowing what is normal section because so many of the symptoms may be considered normal in popular thought. However, those symptoms show problems that can be addressed and corrected which leads to better functioning.

Thank You Gifts

This section is full of great little extra gifts and information for the contributors of the course; including a variety of printable PDFS and even discount codes for a prayer journal and Tummy Team Rehab.


I have been using Fit2B for my fitness for several years and I love how Beth does really fitness for real women. I love that this course tackles hard topics in an easy-to-understand way and a safe environment. So often we assume that the problems we are facing are just ‘a part of growing older’ and that there is nothing we can do to help.

If you are in perimenopause or just getting to an age where you know it is getting closer, I highly recommend this course. There is so much great information that can help you move into this next stage of life with strength and function. Having the knowledge and understanding of the changes in our bodies can make this transition so much easier. Be sure to click on this link to find out more about the course and check out all of the other courses and workouts offered at Fit2B.

Resource Library 

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