“Help Your Kids Learn and Love the Bible” (Book Review)

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I recently had the opportunity to review Help Your Kids Learn and Love the Bible by Danika Cooley.  Reading the Bible is nothing new in our home, but I knew that we had slacked off over the summer because it was no longer attached to our school day, and I also wanted to see if there were any new ideas for ways to increase the amount of scripture in our home each day.

I am so glad that I took the time to review this book, and I found that it gave me some fresh ideas for Bible time in our home as well as the encouragement that I needed to get us back on track. While this book is a great tool for a homeschooling family, it is also really great for any family that wants to help their children “learn and love the Bible.”

This paperback book, published by Bethany House Publishers, is just under 200 pages and divided into 11 chapters which are split into three sections: You’re the Leader, Faithful Reading, and A Daily Walk.

You’re the Leader

This first section discusses ways that we can include scripture in our days. It also spends some time talking about different age groups and how to approach scripture among those ages. For example, your Bible time with a preschooler will look different than what you would do with your teenager.

Faithful Reading

In an age of social media and a time in which there is much emphasis on interpreting things based on your feelings, I felt that this section was much needed. It spent time talking about reading the Bible in a way that is faithful to the words. This means understanding the context of the words, the literary genre of the particular book of the Bible, the history behind the book and who wrote the book, and understanding how it all fits into the overarching story of the Bible.

A Daily Walk

This final section was full of practical hands-on advice. There were ideas for making the Bible fun and easy to understand for young children, tips on helping with Bible memorization, and suggestions for praying through scripture.

There were also some great suggestions for being consistent even when things are challenging and working around unexpected delays and distractions.

Our Experience

In our family, Bible time is fairly consistent during the school year because we do it as a part of our school day, and it happens automatically. However, I realized that we tended to be less consistent during the summer when those anchors were not in place. Reading this book was a good reminder, and we started using breakfast as the anchor for our daily Bible time.

I wanted to ensure that our summer reading was simple and easy to implement because I knew that summer can get busy and there is much less routine. We started in the middle of July by reading a chapter from Proverbs each day to correlate with the day of the month.  

We were all pleasantly surprised when our preacher challenged the whole church to do the same thing for the month of August.  I love it when God works things from different parts of our lives together as a reminder that He is working in all of it.

We are also using some of the suggestions in the book to be more diligent in our scripture memorization. I feel like this book was very encouraging to me, and I look forward to seeing how implementing the strategies will positively impact our family.


Overall, I recommend this book for any family that wants to teach the Bible in their home. It would also be great to use as a church to support families in their efforts at home. I am strongly considering trying to use it for a book study in our church because I feel like many families struggle to make Bible time consistent in their homes, and it is vitally important that church not be the only place our children learn about the Bible.

Whether you are brand new to including the Bible in your home or you have been teaching the Bible in your home and just want some fresh ideas or encouragement, I think this book is great for all families.

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