Our Second Grade Choices (2021)

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I love sharing with you what we are using in our homeschool each year! No two years ever seem to be totally the same for us as we adapt to current circumstances, grade levels and interests.

I hope this gives you some great ideas as you plan your year, but always remember that these are not the only great programs. There are many wonderful curricula to meet the needs of your individual students.

Language Arts

For my rising second grader we are going to be finishing All About Reading Level 1 and moving into All About Reading Level 2.  He was not yet ready for phonics during his kindergarten year, so we stopped and waiting until his first grade year.

During his first grade year he completed All About Reading pre-reading and about half of All About Reading level 1. We are really enjoying the program and he is making great progress.

We are adding in spelling this year with All About Spelling level 1. Both of my older children went through the All About Spelling program and it made such a huge difference for them. I am excited to do it paired up with the All About Reading program.


For math he will be continuing with Math for a Living Education. He did their first grade level book last year and it worked really well for him. This year he will be in the Math for a Living Education 2. I love that it incorporates real life scenarios for the math and has a Christian worldview. It has some review and practice but not so much as to feel boring.


Our family enjoys the Apologia elementary series and my son has requested to do the Swimming Creatures book this year. This was a favorite for my older children and I am excited to work through it with him. (At the time of this writing it happens to also be on sale!)

We are blessed to live close to the coast and plan to take several field trips to the river, ocean, and aquarium to supplement this curriculum.


We will be doing Story of the World Volume 2 for history. This volume covers some great topics including castles and knights as well as the Lost Colony. He will be doing this with my 8th grader and we will be incorporating food projects and discussions as a family.

I highly recommend both the book and the activity guide for Story of the World because it makes it so easy and fun. I also have a book list for extra book ideas: Story of the World Volume 2 Book List

A Lady Bug from his You Are An Artist Lessons.

Art and Music

For art he will be doing lessons with our You Are an Artist Chalk Pastels membership. Some of the lessons he will choose and some will go along with our history lessons as well as books that we are reading together. We love these fun and easy lessons with Nana. 

There are so many to choose from and they can be tied into many different curriculum areas such as history, literature and science. We are looking forward to doing castles and knights as we cover those in history. She even has some great lessons to accompany our hymn studies.

For music he will be continuing his violin lessons from Practice Monkeys as well as doing some music appreciation lessons from SQUILT music. We love the live lessons as well as the monthly listening calendar.

Bible, Physical Education, and Spanish

We will be doing Bible lessons together, but I am still finalizing what we are going to use. I want to do something that my three-year-old can listen to as well. There are several great options and I just have to decide which one I want to use.

For physical education we are going to be doing a combination of kids workouts from Fit2B and some lessons on Schoolhouse Teachers. I love that I can turn on the Fit2B workouts, especially on rainy days, and he can do it right in my living room.

The Physical Education course on Schoolhouse Teachers has some great resources for teaching age appropriate physical skills.  I am hoping these programs help him to get the extra energy out before we start our other programs as well as making sure the he is using his body in ways that help him to grow strong and healthy.

He has also requested to learn Spanish. I am not sure how much time I will have to devote to teaching him, but we are going to try using Elementary Spanish from SchoolhouseTeachers.com. It is a video based course that should not require a lot of time on my part. We will also supplement with the free Salsa: Spanish for Children videos.

Final Thoughts

In addition, we will have a morning time where we work on scripture memory, hymn study, read aloud and more together as a family. I will be sharing more about that in a few weeks when I have finalized my selections.

Have you tried any of these curricula? What are your favorite options for 2nd grade?

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Resource Library  

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Deals and Freebies 

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Use this link to get 15% off at Thinkwell Math! It was a lifesaver for us for Geometry and I look forward to using them for Algebra II next year.

SchoolhouseTeachers.com is running an amazing BOGO sale, 2 years of over 400 courses for the entire family for only $179.  If you want to know more about SchoolhouseTeachers.com you can check out our review. SchoolhouseTeachers.com Review 2021

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