HomeScholar High School Solution (Review)

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

The HomeScholar

As I educate my children, I have found that it is important that I continue to learn and grow. Coming from a public school background, I tend to think of it like needing staff development days and workshops. However, as a homeschool mom I don’t always have built in work days or trainings.

I have found that summer time is a great time to work in a little extra learning for mom. Sometimes this is as simple as reading a book. This summer I had the opportunity to get my training through a review of the High School Solution from the The HomeScholar LLC .

Working and Enjoying Some Sunshine!

The High School Solution is set up as a combination of videos, handouts, audio recordings, blog posts, and monthly webinars. Aside from the new monthly webinars (which are included for the first month and then for a small monthly fee thereafter) all of the information is available for you to access in any order on your own time schedule. Once you purchase it you have lifetime access.

When I first logged in and started to look around I had two conflicting thoughts. “Wow, there is so much great information.” and ” This is so much, where do I start, how do I get through it all?”

Thankfully, there is a video that explains how to get started and what is available. I went thought as much of it as I could before I shared with you, but even still I did not get through all of it. However, I look forward to continuing to work my way through it over the next few months.

There are courses for different grades (middle school, freshman/sophomore, junior, and senior) that talk about planning, when to take certain tests (PSAT, SAT, etc), college applications and admissions, etc. I love that in addition to academic help, these courses help me to fill my role as guidance counselor for my son as he considers his options for higher education or career training.

There are also resources dedicated to struggling learners and gifted learners. Resources that cover college scholarships, which I know is really important to us as we look at the potential of four students who may choose to go to college.

Next, there are resources for different subject areas to help you plan and choose the resources that will work for you and your child. There are templates to help you with course descriptions, resources that discuss the importance of different subjects, and resources to show you different options.

The course includes an entire supplemental pack of tools and templates. This has planning guides, sample reading lists, transcripts, grading guides and more.

The next part of this program that I plan to explore is the motivation pack. This pack includes three webinars, several posts, and a handout all related to motivation in teens. I am looking forward to getting some great ideas and hopefully a good reminder that I am not alone in this struggle.

There are also packs on Taming the Technology and Finding the Faith. Surprise Bonuses include a scheduling pack, Finding the Balance pack, Beyond Academics, and even a bundle of ebooks! There really is a wealth of materials included in this course.

Overall, I feel like there is a lot of great information for any parent who is currently homeschooling a high school student or who is planning to homeschool a high school student in the next couple of years. Since it comes with lifetime access you do not have to worry about the parts that do not yet apply and can look over what you need as you need it or watch it to plan ahead.

In addition to the High School Solution Crew Members reviewed the Total Transcript Solution, Comprehensive Record Solution, and the College Launch Solution from The HomeScholar LLC . You can click on the graphic below to see what they thought!

Homeschool High School to College with The HomeScholar

One thought on “HomeScholar High School Solution (Review)

  1. Hi Dawn, yes, you are exactly right that the High School Solution is trying to help parents assume in their role as high school guidance counselor. That can be so scary for parents but it turns out to be the thing that parents do best! I am so happy that you picked up on that! Thank you for your kind words in this review. I really hope the High School Solution will help parents feel confident as they enter the middle school and high school years.

    I will be sharing this review with our newsletter subscribers. Please let your readers know that if they have questions, they can reach out to us on our website via chat or the contact form. God Bless You!



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