Bible Breakdowns by Teach Sunday School (Review)

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Over the last month, we have been reviewing Bible Breakdowns from Teach Sunday School.  I received both the Old Testament and New Testament sets. They include a page for each book of the Bible. The pages break down the book into sections and have information about what is in each section.

Bible Breakdowns Example Page

Bible Breakdowns Description

Almost all of the books of the Bible are broken down into one-page informational sheets (Matthew takes two pages). Each one includes information about each book: the number of chapters, type of book, date written, period covered, and the author.

There is also a section that shares which verses from that book are the most popular. Those have rankings both within just that book and within the entire Bible.

The central portion of the page includes the chapters and verses of that book broken down by topic. So, it starts with chapter 1, verse 1, and breaks it down into sections based on the subject. Some of those sections are a verse or two, and others are larger.

 For example, Luke 19:1-10 Zacchaeus or Luke 6:12-19 12 Disciples Named.

Teach Sunday School


There are many different ways that you could use this resource.  In our family, we used them for Bible study, research, and memory work.

Bible Study

I think this is an excellent resource for helping with Bible study. It gives you background information about when that book was written, who wrote the book, and even the type of book or genre. This information is excellent for helping you understand the scripture in context. The breakdowns also help you to group verses and study a specific selection instead of verses in isolation. You could even use it to mark what verses you have read and keep track of where you are studying.


Researching was, inadvertently, the first way in which I used this resource. I was leading a ladies’ Bible study during the week that we received these downloads. I did not know the answer was a question about the chronology of something from the Old Testament. I used these to help me quickly identify the timeline of events and answer at the next meeting. I think these would be an excellent resource for children, teens, or adults.

Memory Work

We are currently working through several Bible memory programs, but I think this resource would be beneficial for choosing passages if we were not already doing Bible memory. You could use the most popular verses, but I also think it would be great to do memory in the broken-down sections. This helps ensure you are memorizing scripture in context.


Overall, I think that the Bible Breakdowns from Teach Sunday School are a great resource. They can be used by students in elementary through high school and even adults. They are a simple resource that can be used as a part of the curriculum, help answer questions, or just for general Bible study. Be sure to check out all of the other Crew Reviews by clicking on the link below. You can see different ways families have used this product. You can also check out my reviews of these other Teach Sunday School Products:Printable Books of the Bible “Summary Sheets” (Review) and Easter Escape Room.

Boob-by-Book Bible Study Printable Breakdowns

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