Buck Academy Coins and Currency Book Review

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

BUCK Academy

I love books and always appreciate the opportunity to review a new children’s book. This month we have been checking out not just one but two new children’s books from Buck Academy. We spent time reading Baby BUCK, How Much Am I… and BUCK Making Cents together with my three-year-old and seven-year-old sons. These books teach children about American currency, specifically coins, and the dollar bill.

Buck and Baby Buck Books

Baby BUCK, How Much Am I…

Baby BUCK, How Much Am I… is a toddler board book. Written by Dustin Goss and illustrated by Febyalla Goss. It is a cute book with a purple cover and adorable illustrations. This book teaches young children about the value of a penny, nickel, dime, and quarter. It also talks about a dollar bill.

The sturdy board book pages will hold up better to young hands than a standard paperback. And the smaller square shape makes it easy for small hands to hold and flip the pages.

Inside the book, there are excellent shiny illustrations of the various coins and flaps to lift and see the values. This makes it very interactive and engaging for young learners. The short eleven pages are just enough to give young readers a fun and straightforward introduction to currency. It would be interesting for those ages 2-6 as a read-aloud.

BUCK Making Cents

BUCK Making Cents is a picture book also written by Dustin Goss and illustrated by Febyalla Goss. This book is geared towards elementary-age children and is a hardback picture book. With twenty-nine pages, this book goes into more details about coins.

In addition to teaching the values of the coins, it discusses the front and back of each coin, how many of each coin it takes to make a dollar, has questions at the end to see what students have learned, and includes other fun facts. The authors recommend students have one of each coin and a dollar bill to interact with as they read the book. I recommend this for elementary students learning about money, but even my three-year-old enjoyed listening to me read it aloud.


Overall, these were cute books that are great for introducing students to American currency. They have adorable illustrations with very realistic coins. They are great for younger children through the mid-elementary level. Make sure to have real coins available for the children to inspect to help round out the experience. The BUCK Making Cents book would also be good for older students who are new to American currency.

Be sure to click on the graphic below to see how other Review Crew families used these books from Buck Academy.


Financial Literacy for Kids with BUCK Academy


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